Beat the January blues with a well-deserved Duvet Day! There's no doubting the stress of modern-day life, and the toll that Covid-19 has on us, which means that the value of a luxuriously lazy day is hugely important and should not be underestimated. The perfect Duvet Day needs to involve getting out of bed the least amount of times as humanly possible during the entire length of your day, while doing all the things that make you happy – all without leaving your bed! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, movies, music, social networking. 

From choosing the right duvet to the genre of film, creating your perfect relaxed Duvet Day can be a challenge. We've listed 5 of our top tips (and secrets) to help YOU make the most of your slumber.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Duvet Day


Every Duvet Day Needs a Luxury Duvet

Your whole day rests on this loyal friend, and without a good one, you might just wish you never bothered in the first place. We recommend our Spundown Duvet. Filled with silky soft fibres, it will feel like you are being hugged by a warm cloud, coming in all sizes from Single to Emperor. Our Spundown Duvet is excellent for allergy sufferers because it is machine washable at 60°C (the temperature that kills Dust mites) a great convenience that allows the duvet to return to its original plush shape for maximum comfort and freshness. This hypoallergenic duvet also comes in a variety of Togs which gives excellent comfort designed for the different seasons, or we also provide an 'all-season' 10.5 Tog which is perfect for all year round. Cosy and light, the Spundown Duvet is perfect for taking to your new 'camp' if you decide to no longer stay in bed as well as the perfect companion to beat the January blues.


Choosing Your Loungewear

Loungewear is hugely important to your Duvet Day; you can't afford to be sweating in bed whilst trying to relax. At the same time, you don't want to be cold when making trips to the fridge. We recommend an eye mask to help you get to sleep nice and quick, slippers when you have to get out of bed, and light Pj's when in the bed. You won't need anything heavier than this as the duvet will look after the rest. 


When you awaken from your well-deserved lie-in, don't worry about how late in the morning it is, this is nothing to be embarrassed about. Now starts the rest of your day. Why not put on your favourite TV series or a film? Preferably not a DVD, so you don't leave the bed to put it in...  Most streaming sites now have a 'most popular' section that makes choosing something easy for you. Or take your time with your decision. Once happy with your choice, lay back and relax, snuggled up on your way to the perfect Duvet Day. If you are looking for an untapped source of content, why not pinch the Netflix login from a friend or try out one of Amazon Prime’s free trials?

Siesta (Or in Other Words, a Nap)

Okay, so now you've finished the first film/ TV series of your duvet day and perhaps had some delicious food to keep you going, now what? Well, the perfect Duvet Day is no easy task. Before you start your next TV marathon, it might be time to get in a well-deserved power nap before your next run. A short 20 minute nap can leave you feel refreshed and renewed, and help your body recover if you’ve been burning the candles at both ends. But remember, don’t nap for too long as it can mess up your sleeping pattern! Take a tip from our Spanish friends, get some shut-eye and feel even more refreshed once you awaken. 


Your Duvet Day is a special day; you deserve it. Make sure you are recharging your batteries in the most relaxing way possible. By putting on some calming music, light some therapeutic candles and adjust the lighting, so you reach the peak of your serenity. If you want to reduce screen time before bedtime, why not listen to a podcast or an audiobook? Shopify has plenty to choose from. Alternatively the Calm App is perfect for a quick mindful break before switching off the lights for the night. Nothing beats the January blues than some well-deserved ‘me-time’.

As cold January bites, make sure you follow these tips alongside your cosy duvet, and you will be on your way to creating an unbelievably relaxing day. 

January 05, 2021 — Sleep Expert
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