There are many, many sleep remedies available. Including mediation, avoiding blue light before bed, setting yourself a bedtime routine, or even the classic, counting sheep. But, what about incorporating crystals into your bedtime routine? If you suffer from long, sleepless nights, putting some well-placed crystals around your space could be a great addition. In this article, we will be looking at the connection between sleep and crystals, as well as listing some of our top picks to help you sleep.

The Connection Between Sleep & Crystals

The connection between sleep and crystals is one that has been talked about for many years. Cultures around the world have used crystals and their healing powers for centuries when it came to looking to treat an entire plethora of ailments. To this day, crystals are still used in practice, including, to help you fall asleep at night.

Our sleeping schedule can be unbalanced or offset for many reasons, including daily stressors, anxiety, the inability to stop running thoughts or switch off our minds. Crystals can help with this, as we react to their vibrational patterns and energy which each individual stone gives off.

The Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals on the market today, as it has a whole host of properties, which will help you remain calm and balanced in your day-to-day life. If you didn’t already know, Amethysts are made from quartz, which in the realm of crystals, means that it has more amplification properties than your average cut of stone.

Over the years, Amethyst has been used for its calming nature and is particularly useful for people who may experience anxiety before going to bed. If you are someone who can’t switch off before bed and struggle with reliving the stressors of the day, our Sleep Experts would recommend trying and putting an amethyst near your bed to help lull you into a peaceful night's sleep. Amethysts can also be effective if you suffer from tension headaches or digestive difficulties.

Welcoming Angelite Into Your Bedroom

An Angelite possesses soothing blue energy, which even upon looking at it, brings a sense of inner calm which is unmatched. This stone type is known for making us feel overly connected to our surroundings. In this gem’s presence, we will most likely feel more love, serenity, and angelic connection.

Again, this stone is the ideal companion if you are looking to combat anxiety and worry before bed. Simply place this crystal near your sleeping space, we would recommend it on a bedside table or window sill.

Moonstone For Insomnia Suffers

If you suffer from insomnia, having sleepless nights won’t be anything new to you. Well, crystals can also help with this condition. There are a few different Moonstones out there, which are powerful when it comes to their vibrations and can often help break the cycle of low energy and not getting enough shut-eye. For example, a yellow or peach Moonstone will stimulate your mind. Whilst this might sound like the opposite of what you need before bed, it can help you work towards removing any stress or anxiety from your mind. There is also a rainbow Moonstone, which will provide psychotic protection, can clear muddled thoughts, and quieten your mind.

June 24, 2022 — Sleep Expert
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