As the first signs of spring slowly approach, that means one thing. It’s that time of year again that the clocks go forward and we all get that excitement in the air, of warmer and longer days ahead. With the first signs of spring fast approaching, it can be tricky to adjust when the clocks go forward and we lose that crucial one hour of sleep. With the fears looming over all of us on how we’ll get that hour back, we have you covered at The Fine Bedding Company. 

In this article we’ll talk about all things sleep with our Sleep Experts! Defining ways in which we can maintain a healthy sleeping pattern into spring and delving into what defines so-called healthy sleeping patterns. With the crucial question being; how do I adapt my sleep to not feel the effects of lack of sleep and energy for the approaching 2022 clock change? 

When Do The Clocks Go Forward? 

The clocks going forward is fast approaching, for many that indicates the first signs of longer and warmer summer days. It can be an exciting development away from those short winter days and create an exciting buzz for the months ahead. The 2022 clock change commences on Sunday the 27th March all the way up to October, stretching all the way across the summer months; a thrilling yearly milestone. This exciting sense of summer time creates a well deserved buzz in the air, but also as the time approaches can come with a slight sense of dread, that we’ll lose that essential hour of sleep from our schedule. Our sleep experts will advise on how one can adjust to the clocks change but also, how to unwind and relax to enjoy the warmer days ahead. 

What is a Good Sleep Pattern? 

Getting a regular routine and unwinding effectively can be a crucial factor when it comes to sleep and feeling tired enough to go to bed. The recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult is at least seven hours a night to give your body the efficient nights rest that’s needed. However, for most this can be a struggle and numbers like five hours sleep can be known to decline the body's ability to function. The easiest sign to knowing you’ve got a healthy sleep cycle is factors like getting to sleep in under around half an hour from when you’re in bed, but also being asleep for roughly around eighty percent of the time you spend in your bed. Due to this the bedtime set up is also a key factor in unwinding and unleashing comfort and relaxation, to provide the right environment for your body to switch off. 

At The Fine Bedding Company, we offer an array of comfort provoking luxury sleep items to exceed that night time comfort, that are guaranteed to enable that well deserved sleep relaxation! Like that of our Breathe Duvet, perfect for adjusting into spring with its clever Smartfil® technology, that includes our special ingredient called Modal. A lifesaver when it comes to helping to absorb or draw moisture away from the body, allowing a perfect sleepful night in a temperature controlled environment. Partnered alongside our Breathe Pillow for an all round ideal comfort companion, ideal for the transitioning of seasons as it is available in all seasons of tog. Say goodbye to those night sweats and cold sleepless nights! 

How Can I Fix My Sleep Schedule? 

A sleep schedule is key to fixating and slipping into a regulated night time routine, allowing the body to prepare and unwind through the likes of a comfortable bed time set up. A comfortable night time set up is key like introducing products like the Deep Fill Cotton Mattress Protector. Ideal for ensuring a level of comfort to your back, due to luxurious plump blend encased in a soft pure cotton material. Its breathability makes it one of best on the market! 

 Another key element for a good night's sleep is down to finding your perfect pillow! A very important aspect, as a good pillow will support the skull and neck without applying undue pressure, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. The Head & Neck Pillow is deliberately targeted to gently support the contours of the head and neck to alleviate strain on the muscles. Guaranteeing that well deserved ultimate night time rest, due to this indulgent pillow protector. Providing a plump cotton padding an ideal standard for many, replicating that soft cloud like environment; perfect for a restful night's sleep. Another star of the show in the pillow world is this Dual Support Pillow.

A perfect combination of temperature-sensitive memory foam that supports and morphs to a shape that your body requires. As well as the reverse side providing that luxurious microfibre layer ideal for that bedtime switch up. Its ability to align to your body correctly when sleeping whilst providing ultimate softness, is the perfect recipe for a complete nighttime sleep. It also includes an ultra fresh antimicrobial treatment with its cotton cover, an ideal convenience to washing. With this all round bespoke pillow, it's an ideal fit to achieve your most restful nights sleep that’s crucial for the clocks changing. You’ll catch up on that hour lost in no time, waking up feeling more refreshed than ever!

March 24, 2022 — Sleep Expert