Picture the scene. It’s the middle of the night when rather abruptly, you wake up. Instinctively, your fingers reach up to brush a strand of hair from your face just as a wave of intense heat rises up and overcomes your body. You sit bolt upright, now realising that your hair’s stuck to your face and the pyjamas are soaked through. Welcome to the world of night sweats.


What is a Night Sweat?

There’s nothing more disruptive to a restful night of sleep than experiencing a night sweat. It’s hard to imagine if you’ve been lucky enough not to have one before, but sleep hyperhidrosis is much more than feeling a bit too hot because you forgot to turn the heating off.

True night sweats normally occur during menopause, illness, times of stress, panic attacks and with certain medications. The specific cause of night sweats is difficult to pinpoint because the body’s temperature regulation system is so very complex. Hormones definitely play a part when it comes to the menopause though.

Forget light perspiration. Having a full-on night sweat feels like your body’s thermostat is completely out of control. It’s horrible, uncomfortable and can be quite frightening. You just want it to end.

Menopause Night Sweats

At a time when you’re not only going through a physical change to your body, but an emotional one too, night sweats can be really difficult to cope with.

As menopausal night sweats are related to hormones, HRT always used to be the main method to manage them. Today, we’re savvier about taking a holistic approach. Today’s woman might use many approaches including aromatherapy, herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, exercise and meditation to get through the menopause. 

How To Deal with Night Sweats 

Whilst you can’t control your body, you can minimise the effects of night sweats. It makes sense to keep as cool as possible at bedtime so wear light clothing, keep a window open or use a fan and have a cold drink on the bedside table. Having a cool shower before you go to bed or when you experience a night sweat can also help to cool down.

Certain triggers such as spicy food, caffeine, smoking and alcohol can increase the likelihood of a night sweat so avoid them as much as possible.

If you suspect that your night sweats are stress-related, let it be a red light to you. Stress levels can be actively managed through exercise, yoga, meditation, massages, a hobby or relaxing rituals like burning an aromatherapy candle whilst having a relaxing soak in the bath. After all, we all need to escape the world with some ‘me time’.

Does Your Bedding Affect Night Sweats?

In a word, yes! Heavy, warm and less breathable bedding is blatantly not suitable for night sweat sufferers. The problem is that it will intensify any episodes and also, increase their likelihood. So, breathable bedding is best when dealing with this frustrating issue. That’s because it allows moisture to evaporate into the air, and as a result, it helps the body to cool down. Less breathable bedding is a big no no because it locks in moisture and heat, and makes the user feel even hotter.

If you’re suffering night sweats, Fine Bedding’s Smart Temperature Collection is the perfect solution. This is a comprehensive temperature management system and we especially love it’s Smart Temperature Mattress Protector. Harnessing an innovative activated cooling™ system from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ®, this delivers instant and continuous cooling throughout the night.

menopause beddingShop Smart Temperature Mattress Protector

Add a touch of luxury with the wonderfully soft, quilted and as you’d expect from Fine Bedding, sustainably sourced 200TC cotton mattress protector. On top of it is a dynamic bio-based cooling system, intelligently designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. 

It’s all done via a two-step thermoregulation system. A cooling sensation is offered at the first sign of moisture. Not only that, but it can also sense an increase in body temperature. Cutting edge technology means that this cooling system mimics the body’s natural cooling mechanism, so once a unique cooling effect is activated, moisture evaporates. Then, when the body reaches its ideal temperature, the cooling effect eases which means you don’t get cold.

Not only that but you’ll find that this mattress protector is easily home washable and quick drying, so maintaining your sleep hygiene is easy. The brilliant technology remains fully effective even after repeated laundering too. Put night sweats to bed with this cutting edge mattress protector, an absolute must for anyone feeling fed up with night sweats.

night sweats beddingShop Smart Temperature Collection

May 12, 2021 — Sleep Expert