It's more critical than ever to stay warm during the winter without breaking the bank, especially with the cost of living rising. Being smart and staying warm is an efficient way to cut back on energy consumption when you can.

Preparing for winter by choosing duvets and blankets to keep you warm is an effective solution to cutting back on those heating bills, even on the harshest winter nights. Here at The Fine Bedding Company, with 100 years of expertise in bedding, we know how crucial it is to choose the right winter duvet to efficiently keep you warm all winter long. With the involvement of smart bedding like that of our Smart Temperature Collection it’s easier than ever to match bedding to your body temperature and here’s why.

What’s Temperature Controlled Bedding? 

With the unique Smart Temp™ technology within our revolutionary bedding, it delivers a complete temperature controlled management for optimal comfort. Not only perfect for maintaining a consistent temperature through the night and insulating your body heat, but also ensuring your warmth is not lost when you need it the most. The smart temperature also provides a cooling effect for those who overheat whilst sleeping.

Due to its Intelligent thermoregulation systems it responds dynamically to body heat meaning it can adapt to one's body temperature and change accordingly. Using a dynamic cooling system from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ®, our range cools your body when it detects overheating. Meaning it adapts to temperature changes and cools before the first sign of sweat. Allowing for a relaxing and peaceful night's sleep every time, especially for those who experience night sweats. 

We stock a range of items to complete a full Smart Temperature Bedtime set up. Whether you're looking for a Cooling Cotton Fitted Sheet or even a Smart Temperature Mattress Topper you’ll never be too hot or too cold again by opting for Smart Temperature Bedding. The revolutionary technology allows for a fully temperature controlled sleep experience, suitable for all seasons.

The Best Bedding For Warmth?

As well as temperature controlled bedding being a winner when it comes to keeping you warm and insulting your body heat. Opting for Warm Winter Bedding is another key aspect to preparing for the cold, switching the duvets to a winter tog will help with lowering the heating bills.

Winter Bedding Options At The Fine Bedding Company

Goose Down Duvet

Winter duvets typically have a tog at 13.5, with thicker insulation. Due to their insulation they are much more effective at keeping you warm and keeping your body heat in.

Bedding perfect for winter whilst also going that extra mile for sustainability is our Eco Washable Duvet. Available in a Spring or Winter tog, it’s the ideal go-to for all seasons. Made of 100% recycled fibres it forms a reliable and warm duvet providing comfort that doesn't wash away.

If you're seeking a more luxury approach from an exclusive range, the Boutique Silk Duvet is the answer. Consisting of sleep-inducing blend of advanced Smartfil® fibres and pure silk allows for the soft touch blissful sleep, being the choice for many 5* hotels nationwide, it’s sustainably sourced, with 100% pure cotton cover ensures a night’s sleep of luxury.

Ultimately, the best bedding for winter is our Smart Temperature range 100% Cooling Cotton Duvet to match your bedding to match your body temperature. It’s the ideal for a winter night's sleep to keep in the heat, but also activating innovative technology if it ever gets too hot.

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November 30, 2022 — Sleep Expert