This winter is going to be tough for more reasons than any of us could have anticipated. The increase in gas and electric bills this year means a lot of people simply cannot afford to have their heating on all day and night to fight off the dropping temperatures.

This will leave a lot of people trying to find different ways to stay warm and how to keep a draft out of their homes to keep them as cosy as possible.

At the Fine Bedding Company, we want to help you find ways how to keep your house warm, and how to save on heating bills this winter.

What Can You Do Around The House To Save On Heating?

As soon as the days become shorter and darker, our instincts are to put the heating on and get our homes toasty and warm. However, the winter isn’t as cold as it used to be and there are many ways you can keep yourself and your home warm without having to put your heating on all night.

Here are some ways we have come up with to shut the cold out:

Buy A Draft Excluder

You don’t want to let any of the outside cold air in when you are trying to warm your home. However, all doors have a little gap at the bottom, so to keep your home and the room you are in warm, use a draft excluder. These are oblong-shaped cushions that lay across your door from the bottom to stop any draft from making its way inside your home.

Keep Doors Closed

When the temperatures drop, it is all about keeping the temperature inside at a nice level. Therefore keeping your windows and doors shut, will help to trap in warm air and keep your home cosy.

Also, when you are in one room in your house, keep that door shut. Your body temperature will help to keep you warm as well as the room. But this won’t work if you are battling the cold air from around your home.

Layer Up

This may sound obvious, but a lot of people tend to get complacent and still wear a thin top and bottoms and put the heating on to keep warm. But this is not good for your heating bill or the environment. Sometimes layering up will make you warm and putting on the heating would’ve been pointless.

If it is nighttime wear warmer pyjamas and socks and also put on a dressing gown. If you are watching a film or tv downstairs then add on a cosy blanket to huddle under as well.

Buy Thicker Duvets

Winter calls for a warmer duvet, most people should have two duvets one for the summer months which is thinner and a lower tog and a winter one which is thicker with a higher tog.

At night, a thicker duvet will trap your body heat under it and keep you warm and the cold weather won’t interfere with your sleep.

What Is The Best Bedding For Warmth?

Finding the best duvet for warmth will help to make your night’s sleep peaceful and restorative but will ultimately keep you warm and stop you from having to put your heating on to keep your toes warm!

Our Gold Collection Hungarian Goose Down Duvets will keep you warm all winter long as it has a tog of 13.5 to keep you cosy all night.

The down within the duvet has been certified A1 Grade, meaning it is internationally acknowledged as one of the best quality fillings in the world. Not only does it offer the ultimate in comfort and luxury, but it aids in giving you the most restorative and peaceful night’s sleep this winter.

At the Fine Bedding Company we believe that quality, luxurious goods can go hand in hand with having a conscience from where and how we source our materials.

That is why we are proud to be the first bedding company to carry the Downpass seal within the UK. Our down is independently audited to make sure that no live plucking and no force feeding is involved in the process.

All of our natural feather and down filled products carry the seal certifying that everything has been ethically and responsibly sourced and everything is fully traceable. Sleep with a clear conscience this winter.

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November 21, 2022 — Sleep Expert