Getting sleepy kids out of bed during winter can be a challenge for many parents out there, but it's not all doom and gloom. Due to the darker months, our wake and sleeping cycles may become disrupted, and overall, this tends to make us sleepier - that counts for your kids too! While the dark mornings may be preventing your kids (and you) from getting up and ready for the day, there are ways to get around this. We know, as inviting as your cosy, warm duvet may be (and the sound of silence in your home!), hibernating in the colder months just isn't an option. Read on for our tips on how to get the kids up and out of bed during dark early mornings. 

Morning Sunlight

To stop your kids from thinking it's still night, get your hands on daylight bulbs or a wake-up clock. For kids, winter means no more running around the garden, playing outdoors at the park and fewer countryside walks with the family; it also means that our kids end up having very little sunlight during the day, and too much artificial lighting at night. Because of this, their "inner clocks" get out of sync with the natural, 24-hour day.

If you're struggling to get your kids up in the morning, daylight bulbs or an automated wake-up light can help get your kids back on track and ease the transformation from sleep to waking up. A dose of bright morning light can do wonders to help your child get up in the dark, cold mornings. It can also make your kids more cheerful for the day - bonus!

Extra tip: Stop your child from using their electrical devices an hour before bedtime and try to avoid artificial lighting at night. 

Make Sure Your Kids Have Everything They Need Ready In The Morning Set Out the Night Before

Just like us grownups, kids need routine too. They have a much easier time taking action when they know exactly what to do (even though it may not be so smooth-sailing at the beginning). This includes preparing school clothes the night before and packing their book bag ready to go. This is something they need to do themselves, but give your kids a hand while they get the hang of it and start them off on a new morning routine. You could also add a reward chart and give them a star sticker each morning they get ready on their own! 

In severe cases of not getting up, your child may have a severe sleep issue, depression, deficiency or another issue such as SAD. In that case, it's good to get them checked out. 

Are Your Children Getting Enough Sleep?

While us grownups usually need around 7-9 hours to muster up the day, kids need much more sleep than adults as children are still in the process of growing - mentally and physically. At least 10-11 hours!

Many factors that affect a kid's ability to sleep - snoring siblings, going to bed too late, a non-restful sleep environment, diet, and so much more. If you're struggling on creating a relaxing sleep environment for your child, try the Night Owl in 4.5g tog, our snug coverless lightweight duvet. It's super easy to move and cosy enough for your kids - even in the winter months. And the best part is, to clean, all you need to do is pop the Night Owl duvet in the washing machine, and it dries in about an hour and a half; how easy is that?

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Ultimately, our final tip on how to get your kids up in winter is to do everything you can to get them to sleep earlier and to sleep sounder. Read our blog on how to get your kids back into a bedtime routine to find out more. 

January 26, 2021 — Sleep Expert