Buying a new pillowcase might be something you wouldn’t think twice about. However, what pillowcase you choose has a lot of impact on many things, such as your skin, hair and body. In this blog, we’re giving you 14 reasons why you need a silk pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase

1. Prevent Wrinkles

Let’s start off with one of the most important reasons for you to take the plunge and buy that silk pillowcase. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help to prevent and minimize premature wrinkles and fine lines. Studies have shown that the friction on your skin caused by regular pillowcases can cause wrinkles to form on delicate areas of your skin. The benefit of a silk pillowcase is its silky smooth texture which doesn’t cause friction or create tension on your skin.

2. Prevents Frizzy Hair

We all sometimes wake up looking like Hagrid, our hair exploding on top of our heads because of all the tossing and turning we do at night. Due to the super-smooth texture of a silk pillowcase, there is no friction created on your strands, meaning the likelihood of waking up with frizzy, tangled hair is much lower. 

3. Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

A normal cotton or polyester pillowcase absorbs moisture easily, which can cause your skin to dry out throughout the night. With a silk pillowcase, the nature of the silk fibres means your skin stays hydrated the entire night. You will wake up feeling fresh and ready to crack on with the day. Another benefit, hydrated skin also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

4. Temperature is Regulated

Silk bedding regulates temperature, which makes it the ideal bedding throughout the entire year. Silk helps to get rid of moisture, making sure you stay dry and cool during the night. 

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5. Hypoallergenic

Great news for people suffering from allergies: a silk pillowcase is hypoallergenic. A pure silk pillowcase is resistant to dust mites, molds and fungus among other allergens. 

6. Soft as Silk

The phrase “soft as silk” exists for a reason. Silk pillowcases are known for their extreme softness. You will look forward to the moment you can put your head to rest on the buttery soft, smooth pillow. 

7. Sleep Like Royalty

Silk has a luxury feeling to it which makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a grand palace with thousands of fancy frills. The only difference is that you probably have to make the bed yourself. 

8. Stronger Than Cotton

Silk is a natural, strong fibre that can have a long lifespan. Even though cotton is strong as well, it gets affected by moisture easily which makes it lose its strength. When you take good care of your silk, it can have a long lifespan. 

9. Enhances Your Complexion 

Who would have thought that a silk pillowcase can make you glow? The fabric enhances your complexion, leaving you with a healthy-looking glow, as it doesn’t do any damage to your skin and keeps your skin hydrated. 

10. Guaranteed Natural

A silk pillowcase is guaranteed to be natural. The Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is made out of 100% Mulberry silk, which is the highest quality silk available for purchase. The Mulberry Silk Pillowcase uses the best quality silk, which makes it feel like you’re laying on clouds.

 Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

11. Reduces Split Ends 

Split ends in your hair are caused by friction and damaged hair which cotton pillowcases can contribute towards. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase reduces the chance of getting split ends, as the material is very gentle on your hair. 

12. Easy to Wash

Even though silk is a delicate material, it is still possible to wash your silk pillowcase at home in the washing machine. Simply remember to do a cold wash, with low centrifugation and a mild detergent. Use a delicate wash bag to help prevent snagging.

13. Less Sweaty

Waking up in the middle of the night sweating like a pig, is a lot less likely to happen when you’re using silk bedding. Silk gets rid of moisture and helps your body to stay dry. 

14. Great Night’s Sleep

With all these benefits, there’s only one very big plus left: a great night’s sleep. There is hardly any other way!

January 22, 2021 — Sleep Expert