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Cool Touch Pillow

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Cover 100% Sustainably Sourced Cotton
Filling 80% Smartfil® Microfibre / 20% ProCool
Care Instructions Wash at 60°C. Tumble dry until thoroughly dry. Do Not Bleach. Do not dry clean.
Dimension (cm) See our Size Chart
Country of origin Estonia
Product Packaging

Reusable storage bag

Love the cool side of your pillow, but fed up of having to constantly turn it over? Then our Cool Touch Pillow is the perfect solution. A blend of Smartfil®Clusters and ProCool® fibres, this cooling pillow disperses heat and moisture, leaving it cool all night long. Featuring a phase-changing material core, the Cool Touch pillow has a powerful storage capacity for absorbing heat, only allowing a slow release of heat when the source is at its optimum cool level. ProCool® also helps to wick away moisture, contributing to this cooling effect and creating the perfect micro-climate for a restful night’s sleep.
ProCool® fibres to disperse heat and moisture
Size Chart
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Excellent cool touch pillow - no complaints

Great pillow, does what it says it will do

Great pillow, although a little sceptical at first with this pillow saying that it’ll keep cool as with others I’ve tried also offering this feature not working this pillow does work. I’ve noticed a coolness whilst using it, happy.

Oh my goodness!!

Having slept on this pillow I’m super happy. No more lumps, soft, cool and comfy.

Super, thank you

Slept really well in a hotel in Wareham and peeped inside the pillowcase to find out the source of my comfort!
Got home and bought pillows from Fine Bedding.

Nice pillow but no cooler than others

Perhaps the pillowcase one uses has an impact? I always use a silk pillowcase. This pillow is a good medium support, bouncy pillow, but it does not feel any cooler to me than any other I have used. Disappointed.