With lockdown restrictions playing havoc on overseas holiday plans you may be thinking of taking a staycation this year, perhaps a trip in your trusted campervan, or for campervan beginners this year might be the year to rent one and go on that trip to Cornwall you’ve always wanted to go on - either way you’ll be debating what sleeping equipment to bring...Here comes the big sleep bag vs duvet debate.

sleeping bag

Sleeping Bags - The Pros & Cons

Whether you choose to take sleeping bags or duvets will almost always come down to your storage space. For smaller, cosier campervans, sleeping bags are likely to be more convenient, they’ll take up less space, which means more room for storing all your holiday essentials, whilst ensuring your living area is nice and tidy!

If you plan on going camping or sleeping on harder surfaces throughout your trip, a sleeping bag may be a better choice, they’re easily transportable and the padded bag will provide extra comfort against the floor when not using a mattress.

If you sleep well away from home, and want the typical campervan experience a sleeping bags is an essential, and makes the experience feel.

That being said, if you’re sleeping on a camp bed or pop up bed, using a mattress topper and duvet can help to increase comfort, especially for those who don’t sleep well away from their own bed.

Sleeping bags have a classical UK holiday feeling about them, and are sure to ignite excitement amongst children, as bedtime becomes. If you’re taking children away on your staycation and are worried about a change of routine try a sleeping bag as they will surely excite children. By making the new bedtime routine a bit easier, so you can spend more time relaxing this Summer. 

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Duvets - The Pros & Cons

For a home-from-home sleeping experience a duvet is an essential, but don’t forget about the pillows either, these will really allow you to create a luxury sleeping environment whilst on your holiday. 

A frequent concern is that duvets can take up a lot of space, and create a lot of washing - something we all dread on our return back from a holiday! We’ve got an innovative solution to these problems, one that reduces required storage space and washing, it’s a win-win!

Introducing the Night Owl coverless duvet collection. These revolutionary duvets require no over sheets, meaning you can simply place the entire duvet in the washing machine and it will come out brand new, cutting down the amount of washing post-holiday. These quick drying duvets are available in single, double and king sizes, in either 4.5 or 10.5 tog, the choice of size and tog means that there's a duvet to suit all budding campervan goers. These machine washable duvets come in either 100% cotton or linen, with a choice of 8 different colours, there is a duvet set that seamlessly blends with all campervan interiors.

The Night Owl duvet collection is filled at our renewable energy factory in Estonia, using 100% Smartfil® Polyester from recycled PET bottles. Each duvet can be rolled into it’s matching bag which comes complimentary with each product, therefore reducing the size and making more room in your campervan for you to enjoy your staycation.

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The Verdict

The choice is yours! There are pros and cons to both sleeping bags and duvets, there is no right or wrong answer, whichever suits your campervan lifestyle and allows you to have the best holiday experience is the best choice for you. After 2020 and 2021, we all deserve a staycation with luxurious sleep to rest and recuperate.

June 18, 2021 — Sleep Expert