Good children's bedding is often a nightmare to find. Either it’s too warm, too cold or too scratchy. When you’re on the hunt for new kids bedding, it’s important to keep in mind what duvet filling and material the bedding has. After all, if the child sleeps better, you will most likely too! You want to avoid them getting up in the middle of the night because their nose is itchy or their skin is irritated. Let your children snuggle up in their comfy, soft duvets that give them the right warmth and won’t cause any skin irritation. 

What is The Best Material for Children's Bedding?

Your children spend (if you’re lucky) between eight to twelve hours in bed every single night. Safe to say that investing in good bedding will not go unnoticed. The most important criteria you probably think of immediately is softness. A duvet should have a soft touch, where they can snuggle under and feel comfortable in, rather than scratching their skin and causing irritation. Linen, cotton and silk are all materials that are soft, comfortable and are often used in bedding. These materials are also known to help control body temperature throughout the night. Natural materials such as cotton can control temperature and wick away moisture to keep your children cool throughout the night. Synthetics are often thought of as less average materials, but when bought in premium quality and with hypoallergenic features, synthetic bedding can be extremely soft, comfortable and allergen-proof. 

Hypoallergenic Kids Bedding

Has your child been suffering from a snotty nose, itchy eyes or skin irritation? Then the chances are high that they have an allergy of some sort. The most common allergy is dust mites and unlucky for those who struggle with it, dust mites are everywhere. They’re hard to escape but you can take measures to minimise the allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic bedding is one of those measures. Hypoallergenic kids bedding has been made with non-irritating materials and uses hypoallergenic fillings. Down and feather fillings are often not the best idea if you’re an allergy sufferer. Instead, synthetic bedding fillings are best if they have hypoallergenic features. Our Spundown Duvet uses microfibre fillings made from recycled plastic bottles and is hypoallergenic. An absolute perfect duvet for children! 

Colourful Children's Bedding

Whereas bedding might not be the most exciting part in the child's bedroom, it’s still a way to spice up the room. Whether your kid has a neutral coloured bedroom or a fun room with a jungle theme, you can add in some more colour with bedding. And no, we don’t mean the duvet covers. If you choose for a Night Owl Duvet, there’s no need to worry about applying duvet covers, as these duvets are 100% home washable. And the best part? They come in fun colours and our newest Junior Night Owl Duvet and Pillowcase Set has fun star print on it! If that won’t put a smile on the faces of your kids, we don’t know what will.

Shop Junior Night Owl

Besides the print, the Night Owl Duvet also uses our innovative Smartfil® microfibre technology to deliver the best comfort imaginable. The fabric and filling are hypoallergenic, home washable and extremely comfortable. That might keep your kids in bed for an extra few hours, if you’re very lucky!

July 19, 2021 — James Oakley
Tags: Duvets Junior