It’s safe to say that kids' bedtime can often be unpredictable. Some nights everything goes like clockwork. Then there are those times, where they won’t settle at all. The endless pitter patter of tiny feet going up and down the stairs is frustrating to say the least. So, anything that supports a seamless transition into bed will always be a welcome addition.


Kids Bedtime Rituals

The right amount of sleep is critical to children’s physical and mental development. But how can you get them calm enough to fall asleep fast? Traditionally, parents' go-to strategies have included warm baths, a cup of milk, bedtime stories and nowadays, more avant-garde philosophies like aromatherapy and meditation. Implementing this type of routine can turn bedtime into an extremely long-winded affair. Even after doing all of that, there’s no guarantee that junior will be ready to enter the land of nod.

An effective bedtime ritual shouldn’t be taking all night to get the child into a calm and sleepy frame of mind. Fortunately, we’ve got a much easier solution than any elaborate bedtime ritual. Meet customer favourite, Night Owl, our 2 in 1 duvet blanket.

 kids sustainable bedding


Night Owl Coverless Duvet

This lightweight fibre fill 2 in 1 duvet blanket is the ideal sleep aid for kids, helping  them to wind down before bedtime. Perfect whatever the season, it's available in summer 4.5 tog and all year round 10.5 tog and comes in a variety of colours. If you’re looking to add a splash of style to your bedroom, Night Owl Herringbone is a classic and stylish weave or for an even more premium experience, you simply have to try the Night Owl - Natural Cotton Waffle. Pure luxury.

It’s also the ultimate duvet for convenience. You can forget grappling with tricky duvet covers at bedtime. Intelligently designed, these incredibly cosy duvets come already complete, encased within a beautifully soft cover. To reduce frequency of washing, use a flat cotton sheet between yourself and the coverless duvet. And when it does need a refresh, pop it in the washing machine then dry for about 90 minutes.  

 kids sustainable bedding

Night Owl: Sustainable Bedding

If you’re looking for quality products with a conscience, this is the brand for you. 'Night Owl' and 'Night Owl - Herringbone' have super soft polyester covers and are filled with 100% Smartfil® polyester, an advanced fibre technology. The benefit of Smartfil® is that it achieves the same thermal efficiency as a premium down duvet in the equivalent tog, but it's filled with much finer fibres. This creates a warm, cosy duvet but one that feels incredibly light and cloud-like. The unique manufacturing process also allows more air to flow through the duvet, creating a highly breathable, soft and comforting duvet blanket.

Not only that but Smartfil® polyester is made from recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

bottles. PET is widely used for packaging food and beverages including soft drinks so it’s a fantastic repurposing of this form of plastic. You also won’t believe how incredibly soft and cosy Smartfil®  fibres are despite their origin. Night Owl - Natural Cotton Waffle is equally eco-friendly with its 100% sustainably sourced pure BCI cotton waffle cover.

There’s no doubt that this brand is at the forefront of eco-conscious bedding. Investing in a Night Owl product means that you’re also investing in the future of our planet and supporting the sustainability ethos. What better legacy is there to leave for our children?

  sustainable bedding

Night Owl: The Perfect Sleep Aid for Kids

Night Owl’s fantastic design makes these duvet blankets wonderfully versatile. Create a calming headspace for your child whilst they relax on the sofa. Lay the single version of this duvet blanket over your child in the lead up to bedtime, making them feel snuggly, warm and all-importantly, settled and sleepy. It’s like giving them a hug, metaphorically. 

When bedtime arrives, simply bring the Night Owl with you and place over your child in bed. No fuss. No interference in bedtime routines. Maximum comfort, warmth and ease. Exactly what you need to enhance kids bedtime.

April 26, 2021 — Sleep Expert