Life is slowly getting a bit better: pub gardens have reopened, outdoor gatherings with six people from two households are allowed and the weather is getting nicer. Reason enough to organise an outdoor BBQ to celebrate the freedom that we are progressively experiencing. Gather your friends or family as long as you socially distance and stick to a maximum of six people from two households. That way, we can all have fun without being at risk of exposure to the coronavirus because, after all, we don’t want to risk going into another lockdown. 

The weather in May has been interesting to say the least: one day it will be twenty degrees and the next thing you know, snow is falling down. On the good days, the temperatures are quite nice already, but you might need something to keep you and your guests warm during an outdoor BBQ, especially during the evenings.

outdoor duvet


Stay Warm Outdoors With a Coverless Duvet

You might have thought of grabbing a couple of blankets, but why not use a duvet to stay warm? A thin blanket will likely prevent you from freezing, but is it actually that warm? We don’t think so. But we can almost hear you wondering: if I take a duvet outside, it takes so much effort. It will get dirty, I’ll need to change the sheets… With a coverless duvet, this is all unnecessary. The Night Owl Duvet by The Fine Bedding Company doesn’t need any sheets or cover, it can be used on its own. The coverless duvet comes in multiple sizes, colours and Togs, which means there’s always one to your liking. 


Pick Your Night Owl Duvet 

The options are not limited to size, colour and Togs, in fact, you can choose between three different collections of Night Owl duvets. If you’ve been familiar with the Night Owl duvet for a while, you might recognise The Linen Collection. This was the first and original collection which has a super soft microfibre cover and is available in six lovely colours to cheer up your bedroom (or outdoor BBQ!). If you’re looking for a coverless duvet that is a tad more luxurious than the original collection, we recommend having a look at the Night Owl Herringbone. A re-imagination of the traditional duvet, this Night Owl comes with a classic and stylish Herringbone weave and it’s available in three stylish, neutral colours: Storm Grey, Fjord Blue and French Plum. The last addition to the Night Owl family is the Night Owl Cotton Waffle, which has an even more premium feel to it. A soft, plain sustainably sourced cotton reverse with a textured waffle top makes for both comfort and tactility.


outdoor duvet

What Makes The Night Owl So Convenient For An Outdoor BBQ?

You might wonder why you can easily use the Night Owl duvet at an outdoor BBQ in post lockdown life, as you probably won’t do that with any of your other duvets. The Night Owl duvet is easy to transport and carry around because of its handy duffle bag. Taking your duvet along will only take up a small amount of space in the car and in just a few seconds, you have your duvet unpacked and ready to warm you up.

Secondly, you don’t have to worry about getting the duvet dirty during an outdoor BBQ as it can easily be washed in at home. Simply wash the Night Owl at 40°C in a large capacity machine and tumble dry until it’s thoroughly dry. In under 90 minutes, your coverless duvet will be as good as new!

Then, after washing the duvet and ensuring it’s all clean again, your work is done. You can now throw the Night Owl duvet back onto your bed and enjoy its warmth and cosiness at night. Because remember, the duvet is coverless, meaning you don’t have to struggle putting sheets on it. So save yourself some trouble and choose the Night Owl duvet to keep warm during outdoor BBQ’s post lockdown. 

April 21, 2021 — Sleep Expert