Eco-friendly bedding

Using eco-friendly bedding is a great way to keep your environmental impact low, but if you’re unsure of what the benefits are exactly, you may be hesitant to make the switch. Sometimes the advantages that come with eco-friendly products aren’t immediately obvious. For example, when products are produced sustainably, benefits often don’t just end with the environment. sustainability pledges will often seek to help out workers and communities that are part of a product’s supply chain that may have otherwise been taken advantage of.

One of the biggest drawbacks that are often associated with sustainable products is the cost that they come with. On top of this, sometimes ‘green’ products will only be sustainable in a few senses of the word, and not be as entirely green as it would lead you to believe. Thankfully, if you do the right research there are plenty of affordable eco-friendly bedding options which will genuinely benefit the environment, and this article makes the case as to why more people should consider eco-friendly bedding.

Eco-Friendly Bedding Uses Responsibly Sourced Cotton

Firstly, the environmental impact of bedding that is not produced sustainably can be felt around the world. The three most dangerous substances on the earth are produced as a result of cotton cultivation, according to the World Health Organisation. A staggering quantity of greenhouse gases are produced during its manufacturing alone, and the farming process also uses hazardous pesticides and fertilisers that contaminate thousands of litres of potable water.

The bedding industry is heavily reliant on cotton as part of its materials, and when it isn’t sourced sustainably it can wreak havoc on the environment and local communities. The farming conditions for cotton are often poor when unregulated as well. That’s why there are certifications such as BCI for cotton farming. BCI's purpose is to "assist cotton communities in surviving and thriving while safeguarding and repairing the environment," which is reflected in their labelling of cotton. The label also tries to assist individuals involved in the production process, such as cotton growers who may be exploited but who may also be responsible for a shocking amount of pollution.

Goose Down Duvet

The Fine Bedding Company only uses bed linen that is 100% BCI-sourced, like this 200-thread-count classic duvet cover. Because it is made of plain-dyed BCI-sourced cotton, it is a smooth and breathable alternative. With its crisp feel and pricey appearance, it is a luxurious addition for those upgrading to a sustainable house; its quality surpasses the price. The 200 Thread Count Classic 100% BCI Cotton Deep Fitted Sheet is paired with the duvet cover. For a complete sustainable duvet cover, an ideal duvet for a sustainable comfort sleep, this percale weave sustainable cotton sheet is made with the highest quality while providing a luxuriously soft feel.

Green Bedding Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

You can get high-quality bedding without paying a premium, and you can get high-quality eco-friendly bedding for an affordable price as well! Since 1912, The Fine Bedding Company has been a leader in quality sleep. Our sleep experts work to ensure that everyone has access to better sleep, with eco-friendly bedding setting the standard for comfort, affordability, and sustainability. Our Night Owl Duvet saves you from having to buy duvet covers and also uses sustainable materials. The remarkably soft cover filled with 100% Smartfil® polyester is what gives the Night Owl duvet its sustainability. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles from recycled sources are used to make Smartfil® filler.

Eco-Factory Production

Sustainably should not only focus on making raw materials more eco-friendly but also at the production level in factories. The Fine Bedding Company has received a GRS certification that concerns recycling and maintaining an ecologically friendly standard. They provide the criteria for third-party certification, giving organisations a GRS standard if they successfully raise the bar for recycled goods and guarantee the veracity of sustainability content claims. Our sleep specialists keep pushing the limits of environmentally friendly bedding while also working to deliver everyone a taste of luxury without breaking the bank.

This leads to fresh ideas that revolutionise the bedding sector, like this luxurious but reasonably priced Spundown Duvet. It's the perfect choice for a cost-effective ecological bedding alternative because it is filled with Smartfil® filler created from GRS recycled materials. We also aim to make all of our packaging recyclable soon to reduce ecological damage in the future as well!

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September 28, 2022 — Sleep Expert