Fine Bedding Company's Heritage

In light of a tough few years in recent times, we've been ruminating about our heritage atThe Fine Bedding Company. It has been a long and adventurous journey, full of innovation, creation and most importantly providing people with an amazing night’s sleep and rest.

Our many years are not just a part of our journey and history but our product philosophy too. Our products and bedding are quality, made with the finest materials, to be durable and reliable. Manufactured to last and withstand many washes and late nights, becoming a part of your journey too.

How It All Started

As the Queen celebrates her jubilee and commitment not just to the people of Britain but also to her family. The royals themselves are in every sense of the word, a family business too, which leads us to think about where it all began, where the first seeds were sown, and The Fine Bedding Company started to come to life. Now, many years later we are a proud fourth-generation British business with a family of innovators who have spent more than a 100 years invested in better bedding.

Many years ago in 1912, The Fine Bedding Company started, formally known as Harrison & Jones Ltd, by supplying the royal ships with mattresses. Our innovation made sure we delivered durable and most importantly comfortable mattresses to these cruise liners.

Here is a small timeline of where we began and how our beginning established the heritage we now have today:

  • 1912 The first iteration of our brand, Harrison & Jones Ltd, was established in Liverpool by William Harrison, originally supplying beds and bedding to transatlantic liners sailing between Liverpool and the US.
  •  1952 William Harrison introduces then Princess Elizabeth, to Eiderdowns.
  •  1974 Trendsetter was established by Paul Black focusing on bedding.
  •  1999 The Fine Bedding Company launches with the aim of uncovering/communicating superior levels of comfort for the modern consumer.
  •  We’re a business of many different folds, that spans over many years, weaving and changing with innovation being the driving force and this is our story of how premium sleep came to be.

Four Generations Of Innovation

Over the last 100 years, spanning four generations our one mission was to create something so innovative and reliable that it changes the way we view sleep. Throughout the eras, we have pushed and thrived in the name of technology and innovation, trailblazing and being at the forefront of incredible creations.

Our push for change and creation has made us leaders within sustainable bedding, spearheaded by our pioneering research and development.

For us every night should feel like you are sleeping at a five-star hotel, that is why we strive for quality and fine materials. Our bedding is for both your bed and for the world’s best hotels. Both are equal in measure, deserving only the highest quality, long-lasting bedding.

 The Fine Bedding Company’s Heritage

The Fine Bedding Company is a proud business that is steeped in history and takes pride in our heritage. Our great and long background has thrived in the names of both creation and innovation, constantly evolving, and changing, much like the royal family that we know today.

However, regardless of our ever-changing environment and market, our family ethos has remained steadfast through our milestones. Our push for change and innovation will never forgo the empirical drive for quality and reliable sleep.

Fine Bedding's heritage

We strive for greatness, making positive discoveries, from supplying durable mattresses to the colossal cruise liners of the 1920s to being the first in the world to design a duvet made entirely out of plastic PET bottles in 2018.

Our proudly independent British family business spans decades of change, that has seen us linked with royalty, sustainability, and making incredible innovative advancements.

Having this history as the backbone of the business makes us proud to provide the nation with reliable, comfortable, and restorative sleep. Serving the nation one bed at a time.

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September 29, 2022 — Sleep Expert