Many things can contribute to a good and restful night's sleep, but one of the most important is choosing the correct mattress topper. At The Fine Bedding Company, we recognise that with so many options available, finding the proper bedding can be difficult. As a result, in this article, we'll go over what to look for in a good mattress topper, giving you a handy checklist to utilise the next time you're considering a bedroom makeover. We'll go over why mattress toppers are the ideal component to add to your bed to help promote and ensure a restful night's sleep. We'll see if toppers are a good level up from your bedroom, what they do, and which one is the best. And finally, we’re clearing the common question: what’s the difference between a mattress topper and mattress protector?  

Mattress Toppers or Mattress Protector?

It’s easy to see why it can get confusing when distinguishing between a mattress topper and mattress protector, both being on top of the mattress for comfort and protection. It can somewhat be a confusing question as to what’s the difference. The Fine Bedding Company offers both options, in an array of styles and materials so we’re here to explain! 

In a nutshell, a mattress protector protects and extends the life of your mattress by protecting it from things like sweat, spills, and allergens. To maintain the quality of your mattress it commonly consists of a thin layer on top of your mattress that can be easily removed and washed. A mattress topper, on the other hand, is made of a thicker, softer material such as memory foam or any other plump, breathable fabric. It's used to change the feel of your mattress instantaneously, improving comfort and transforming your mattress and sleep into a more comfortable and luxurious experience. 

Different Materials Of A Mattress Topper

It’s important to get the right material when seeking your perfect mattress topper. With so many options on offer including memory foam, latex, down feathers, cotton, polyester etc. As well as the need to match your material to their comfort level alongside your mattress, the need for sustainable design is also a big factor in influencing what options you’d maybe want to buy. We strive to lead the way in the future of bedding with recycling bedding and hand made elements in our bedding. Pioneering premium sleep since 1912, we have trailblazed the latest technology in down and fiber filled bedding. Pioneering sustainable processes and harnessing the sublime softness only found in luxury materials, transforming what bedding can do for our planet.  

Aside from matching your material to your mattress's comfort level, the need for sustainable design is also a key role in determining what options you'd want to acquire. With recycled bedding and handcrafted features in our bedding, The Fine Bedding Company strives to lead the way in the future of bedding. We have pioneered the latest technology in down and fiber-filled bedding. Transforming what bedding can do for the environment by utilising sustainable procedures with our restorative bedding, created in our zero waste eco factory it’s a key highlight throughout our products. Saying that, we demonstrate our sustainable values  throughout all of our products for ultimate comfort and satisfaction. Our bed protection range, engineered for a prime sleep is no exception. 

Add A Mattress Topper For Extra Comfort 

With bedtime, comes comfort. The need to source a mattress topper that looks comfy is a must when looking for the right mattress topper. Our Dual Layer Mattress Topper is an ideal go-to to level up that comfort with the dual layer construction providing an extra cushioning layer, and the 100% polyester plump properties. A perfect partner with the Boutique Silk Pillow to achieve maximum relaxation, see why its 300 reviewers rated this pillow as five stars for sleep, transforming your bedtime set up into a boutique hotel! 

Dual Layer Mattress Topper

Washability & Hygiene

When choosing a mattress protector, or even a mattress topper both require refreshment. Whether you're in need of a protector for allergies or a topper for comfort, it's extra important to choose one that’s easily washable. With the Dual Layer Mattress Topper having zips, it allows for separation into 2 smaller toppers that can easily fit in a domestic washing machine resulting in an easier and convenient wash. It’s an ideal choice for those who want a hygienic, convenient option to a softer mattress, a fuss free washing solution and a fast drying option whilst still achieving a more relaxing and comfortable night's sleep! 

May 03, 2022 — Sleep Expert