Ever wondered what it is that makes you feel so comfortable when you sleep in a hotel bed? It always seems to be the right level of firmness and the bedding feels supremely soft, keeping you snug and at the perfect temperature for a restful night of sleep. Well, guess what? They do have a secret. And the great news is that you too, can re-create the luxurious look and feel of a hotel bed within the comfort of your very own home. 

What Bedding Do Hotels Use?

Many hotels use temperature control duvets to ensure their guests have the best night of sleep. It’s for good reason because let’s face it, no-one wants to get a sweat on, or in the other extreme, end up with cold toes. Not to mention the fact that hotels really don’t want the additional cost of buying two sets of bedding to ensure their guests are kept warm all year long.

Temperature control bedding is the natural solution to this age-old problem for hoteliers. It’s like having air conditioning so it will cool you down, when necessary, but likewise can warm you up during colder spells. If it all sounds pretty hi-tech and far-fetched, we promise that you’ll be utterly convinced when you hear about the incredible science behind it. 

Hotel Quality Bedding

So now the cat’s out of the bag, you probably want to know more about temperature control bedding and how you can get your hands on some.  Fine Bedding’s Smart Temperature Collection is a popular temperature management system, used by many well-known hotel chains, that will enhance bedtime, no matter the season or temperature. 

smart temperature beddingShop Smart Temperature Collection

Consisting of the Smart Temperature Pillow, Smart Temperature Pillowcase and Smart Temperature Pillowcase Protector, Smart Temperature Fitted Sheet, Smart Temperature Duvet Cover and the Breathe Duvet, Breathe Pillow, Breathe Pillow Protector and Breathe Mattress Protector, these two comprehensive collections have everything you need for implementing climate controlled sleep. No wonder these are two of our most in-demand collections!

How Does Temperature Control Bedding Work?

The Smart Temperature Collection uses a dynamic bio-based activated cooling™ system from leading Swiss textile innovators HeiQ®, to deliver instant and continuous cooling throughout the night. A two-step thermoregulation system is the real key to the success of this sought-after bedding. 

So whenever there’s an increase in body temperature, the bedding mimics the body’s natural cooling mechanism, instantly initiating a cooling effect, which causes moisture to evaporate. As the body reaches its ideal temperature, the cooling effect eases to prevent the sleeper from getting too cold. It’s intelligent bedding with a sound scientific basis, ideal for keeping you temperate and comfortable throughout the night.

For an extra splash of luxury, opt for the innovative and exceptionally airy, Breathe Duvet which works by blending Smartfil® technology with an extra-special ingredient called Modal, naturally derived from wood pulp. Modal wicks away moisture from the body, enabling you to sleep at a comfortable temperature and wake up feeling calm and refreshed. Match it up with the Breathe Pillow for the ultimate breathable, temperature-controlled top to toe set.

smart temperature beddingShop Breathe Collection

Easy Wash Bedding

Fine Bedding’s temperature control collections are all washable and quick drying, making it unbelievably easy to keep them clean and hygienic. Just check the product care information so that you know what temperature wash to use as they vary between products. You can also feel rest assured that the climate-control technology remains fully effective even after repeated laundering too. 

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September 20, 2021 — Sleep Expert