Here at The Fine Bedding Company, we pride ourselves on quality products from bedding heritage and our leading eco credentials. Your sleep-obsessed friend or loved one in need of quality sleep are sure to love our bedding gift options below! You'll find everything from comfy duvets to mattress toppers and pillowcases. Read on for our top 5 Gifts for Sleep Lovers.   

Top 5 Gift for Sleep Lovers

The Eco Duvet 

Want to get a gift for someone conscious about the environment and who needs great quality sleep? We take pride in our ethical and sustainable efforts, focusing on improving all our processes to make them more environmentally friendly. So, you're looking for a sustainable, innovative gift that works; the Eco Duvet is it. And it's made in our factory based in Estonia, run entirely on renewable energy! 

Our Eco Duvet has a look and feels of real luxury, but it is made entirely from recycled products and crafted in our award-winning Eco factory. So your loved ones can enjoy its softness and sleep, and you know that you've contributed to the Earth's clean up - it's a win, win. 

The silky soft micro-fine filling is made from 100% PET plastic bottles and layered to offer weightless warmth. In fact, it takes approximately 120 bottles to make up a 10.5 tog double duvet. The luxuriously 100% soft-touch microfibre cover is also made from recycled materials and encases the filling to create a sumptuous, cloud-like, breathable duvet. It really is a luxury that doesn't cost the Earth. 

eco duvet

Mattress Topper 

Give the gift of added warmth and comfort with our Dual Layer Mattress Topper. An uncomfortable mattress can do horrible things, adversely, sleeping perfectly comfortable can do amazing things. Mattress toppers can completely rejuvenate a bed without the expense of buying a whole new one as well as adding a whole new layer of comfort. That's why mattress toppers make a perfect gift. It's also hypoallergenic - bonus! 

dual layer mattress topper

NEW Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Want to take a loved one's sleep to the next level? (Or yours!) Our brand new silk pillowcase, made from 100% Mulberry silk, makes for a beautifully soft and smooth gift. Gentle on hair and skin, the silk fabric helps to retain natural moisture levels overnight, to help minimise wrinkles and hair static. Silk is also naturally breathable and hypoallergenic. We recommend our Mulberry Silk Pillowcase to those looking for a gift for mum or have a friend who always wants that extra moment of luxury. 

Our silk pillowcases are the ultimate, as well as the easiest gift, to turn your friend's everyday sleep into a billowing journey of comfort. You'll be sure to want to gift it to yourself. 

mulberry silk pillowcase

Night Owl Duvet

Give the gift of never changing the beds with our innovative Night Owl duvet. Your sleep-loving friend's favourite household chore will be a thing of the past. The 10.5 togs lightweight fibre duvet comes complete with a soft cover, so you are able to put the entire duvet in the washing machine, and amazingly, they are quick to tumble dry in just 90 minutes on a low heat. Not only that, our Night Owl Duvet is eco-friendly as it's been made with 100% Smartfil® Microfibre from Recycled PET Bottles.

The Night Owl is the cosiest gift, especially in the winter months. Not only for sleeping but it's lightweight enough to pop on the sofa with some hot chocolate for a movie night. Your friends will be thanking you.

night owl duvet

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Boutique Silk Pillows

Help your loved ones recreate the ultimate 5-star hotel experience at home with these plump and indulgent pillows. The luxurious pillows have a soft-touch breathable cotton cover and are filled with pure silk fibres mixed with the filling, for sleep like no other. 

silk pillows

December 14, 2020 — Sleep Expert