Now we are officially at the start of the new year, what better way to kick it off than doing something good for the planet that you can keep up not just this year but every year going forward?

The bedding you choose to use to have a restorative night's sleep, goes on a huge journey before it tucks you in at night from the design process, materials, manufacturing, labour, packaging and delivery. But by opting for vegan bedding you are helping to reduce  

At the Fine Bedding Company, we carefully source all of our materials and are always thinking of how to reduce the output we put into the world. That is why we have made it our mission and are on the way to carbon neutral factories. We want to reduce your carbon footprint whilst also making luxurious and comforting bedding.

In this article, we will show you how you can opt for vegan bedding this Veganuary and have sustainable and eco-conscious bedding .

What Is Veganuary?

When January roles around you may start to hear the word Veganuary being thrown about. But what does it mean and how can you take part? Veganuary started from a non-profit organisation to promote veganism and a plant based lifestyle that is equally healthy for you and the planet. 

There are many benefits to trying out the vegan lifestyle. Skipping meat products, and removing them from your diet can have a significant impact on the planet, as well as our health. The meat and dairy industry are often associated with deforestation, soil degradation and greenhouse gas emissions. By making simple swaps, you can reduce your carbon footprint, as well as help the planet in the process.

Hence, Veganuary! Since it has gained popularity, Veganuary has bleed into other aspects of people's lives and shining a light on how you can swap out old easily for new and improved ones that are sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Is Your Bedding Good For the Planet?

When people think of making sustainable and better choices for the environment it is usually trying to reduce carbon emissions by car pooling, or swapping out single use plastic and maybe even looking at the food or clothes that you are buying. But not many people think to look towards the bedding that they are choosing.

When you buy your pillows and duvets, it has a long shelf life so that may lead you to think that whatever you buy is a good option because it will last you for a good few years before having to throw it away and it ends up in a landfill site.

However, even though this is great because you want to get the most out of your things before having to part with them you can now opt to go that one step further an buy sustainably made, eco-conscious bedding that has a limited carbon footprint so that even before thinking about h=the end of its life and the going to landfill, you already have made a an eco-friendly choice.

The Best Sustainable Bedding

Our vegan bedding is made for the planet as well as for you to aid you in a restorative and peaceful night's sleep. We were able to use innovation to make comfortable bedding using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. 

To us the materials we use are what makes our bedding luxurious and comfortable, that is why our vegan range is bedding made from recycled plastics and we are able to recreate the feeling of soft natural down without any animal components. 

The Perfect Vegan Duvet

Our vegan down 100% cotton duvet simulates the luxurious loft of natural down without any animal components or derivatives; making it more ethically conscious whilst also easier to launder. Instead of goose down, we use our signature fibres made from recycled plastic bottles which uniquely trap air and warmth in the same way as a natural down duvet. The innovative fibres are wrapped in a 233 thread count sustainably sourced cotton cover, providing further breathability and comfort throughout the night.

The Most Comfortable Vegan Pillows 

Goose Down Duvet

Luxury that doesn't cost the earth! Our vegan down pillows combine luxury and sustainability. They are created from raw materials, and our vegan down pillow fibres that are made from recycled plastic bottles, uniquely spun and blown in such a way that they simulate the hand feel and warmth of natural down. The pillows are wrapped in a soft 280 thread count, sustainably sourced 100% cotton and finished by hand in our own Eco-Factory in Estonia.

January 06, 2023 — Sleep Expert