Getting a great night’s sleep is important in so many ways. Not only does it re-energise us, but sleep is when memories are consolidated, the brain restores, tissue growth and repair takes place, and our immune system is boosted.  

A comfortable mattress is a key component in achieving the all-important holy grail of eight hours. Problem is, many of us put up with something less than optimal. Lumpy, bumpy, too hard, too soft, old and worn. It’s not exactly a recipe for success, is it?

That said, a mattress is a significant investment. We don’t always have the necessary cash-flow immediately to hand to make a purchase like that. Especially when you’ve had a break in employment or just moved into a new home, and things are tight because of all the renovations that still need to be carried out. If you can’t afford a new mattress just yet, don’t despair! It’s still possible to get the comforting feeling of a brand-new mattress for as little as £45.

What Is A Mattress Enhancer

It’ s easy to get confused by all the technical jargon that’s out there, mattress protectors, mattress pads, mattress toppers, the list goes on. 

Mattress enhancers and toppers tend to be a thicker, additional layer that sits on top of your mattress. These provide extra comfort and support for you, ensuring a restful night’s sleep and of course, added protection for the mattress underneath, extending its life. 

 mattress enhancer

Why You Need a Mattress Enhancer Now

A mattress enhancer is a fantastic addition to any home. Not only can it enhance the comfort of your own bed, but it can positively transform an uncomfortable mattress into a comfy one. Mattress enhancers can also prolong the life of your mattress by reducing pressure on the springs, preventing or delaying sagging and general wear and tear as well as acting as a barrier to spills and stains.

Mattress enhancers are also very portable. Aside from enhancing your own bed’s level of comfort, these can be a great option for the following situations:

  •       Rental accommodation
  •       Student accommodation 
  •       For use in guest bedrooms or on fold-out beds
  •       Moving to a new house
  •       Prolonging the life of an old mattress
  •       When finances are stretched

Something that we don’t realise is the number of fluids that human bodies produce. Pretty gross eh? Some of us really sweat a lot at night. Perspiration, oils, dead skin cells, it all adds up. Mattress enhancers protect the mattress from all of this human debris. The big benefit here is that they can be removed from the bed, washed easily and returned to the bed. That way, your sleep environment can always be kept hygienic and clean.

Best Mattress Enhancers

Our Spundown Mattress Enhancer comes with a 100% super soft microfibre cover to provide outstanding softness and comfort. Filled with 100% Smartfil® fibres, this will surely add a touch of luxury to any bed. There’s also the added benefit that it can be washed at 60ºC to kill off dust mites. So, if you suffer from allergies or Rhinitis, the easy maintenance of this enhancer provides exactly the peace of mind you need. Options include single, double, king and Super King and with prices starting at £40, our top of the range enhancer is incredible value too.

mattress enhancer

If you’re looking for an enhancer that is the ideal mixture of practicality and luxury, we’ve got the ultimate solution. Our Quilted Luxury Waterproof Mattress Protector has a built-in layer of Polyurethane to act as a barrier against spillages, indispensable if you have young children around. 

Layers of soft polyester quilting provide an extravagant feel. Additionally, this also acts as a dust-mite barrier and the thin layer of cushioning brings with it, enhanced comfort. Also using Smartfil® fibre technology, this protector can be washed at 60ºC to kill off dust mites. Available in single, double, king and Super King, this offers premium comfort at unrivalled value with prices beginning at £32.50.

waterproof mattress topper

Make sleep your number one priority and add one of these to your basket today. Alternatively, why not give the gift of a great night’s sleep to someone you love by gifting one of these to them? Either way, we promise you (and they) won’t regret it.

April 05, 2021 — Sleep Expert