With the warmer months of the year seemingly behind us, it can be tempting to swap duvets out for a more cosy night’s sleep. Sometimes though, the weather can change without warning leaving some to overheat through the night. You don’t want to have to change your duvet too regularly, so it’s good to know when the right time is to change duvet togs. As energy costs start to increase knowing the right duvet tog for the winter is equally important. Using a suitable duvet tog can end up saving you money while still giving you a dreamy night’s sleep.

What Is A Good Tog For Winter?

A tog rating essentially lets you know how much heat will be retained whilst you sleep. The higher the tog, the more heat it retains. Togs will range from 1-15, and most typical togs around Europe will be 10.5. These can be used year-round although they may be a little too cold for winter, or indeed too hot for summer.

Instead, winter togs will fall between 12 and 15 tog. Anything that sits within this range will keep you toasty throughout the cold months. If you expect to be in for a particularly cold winter then it's best to look at duvets that are 13.5 and above. It’s worth noting that smaller children are advised not to have duvets that are this high on the tog scale as the weight of the duvet in proportion to their size can cause them to overheat at night. Our junior night owl duvet is the perfect weight for children.

When Is The Right Time To Switch Duvets?

The main thing you’re likely to try and avoid when switching your duvets is having to switch back again. So the best way to avoid having to do that is to wait until you’re absolutely certain the hot weather is gone for good. Come October, when the weather has been a little chilly for a few weeks, then it’s safe to say the duvet could use swapping. The decision can also involve how warm your house is at night. If you’re swapping duvets to save money while being more sustainable, then you can make the switch even earlier!

What’s A Good Duvet For The Winter?

We have plenty of duvets that can help you through the chilly winter months. This includes our naturally filled Bronze Goose Down Duvet, which is wrapped in a plush cotton and has a 280 thread count, perfect for frosty mornings. This ethically-sourced premium grade down filling provides excellent thermal insulation to help you drift off into your own world.

Otherwise, the breathe duvet is another great option to make sure your body temperature is considered. This duvet uses our innovative climate control technology that will adapt to your temperature while you sleep. Breath duvets are made with a specific component called Modal that is part of our Smartfil blend. The material is made from natural wood pulp and is incredibly breathable, keeping you content throughout your slumber.

October 25, 2022 — Sleep Expert