When it comes to convenience here at The Fine Bedding Company we pride ourselves on affordable luxury bedding, but also convenient bedding. For more than 100 years, our boundless research and innovation has been invested in your sleep and therefore we know a thing or two for practicality and comfort! With our innovative ranges like that of Night Owl Coverless Duvet, washing your bedding has never been easier! In this article, we’ll talk about all things washing as we delve into how to wash your bedding for longevity and also some key products that make doing that a little bit easier.

Can You Wash A Duvet? 

The simple answer to this is, yes you should! With duvets being in close contact with us daily, it means all they are naturally prone to accumulate dirt and dust as well as sweat for those night sweats or hotter nights under the duvet. Washing helps keep your bedding fresh but also eliminates dust mites for those with allergies. Cleaning the duvet is essential in keeping it hygienic and fresh, therefore recommend washing at least every few months. With products like our Spundown Duvet, it’s an ideal game changer for those who suffer from allergies! Being machine washable at home,allowing for washing temperatures at 60°C, the temperature that kills dust mites, without affecting the plump Smartfil® filling makes for a reliable sleep.

For those sourcing a little more convenience our Night Owl Coverless Duvet revolutionary traits eliminate a need for a cover altogether, it’s fast drying and a perfect go-to for ultimate comfort and convenience! Allowing for a complete bedroom refresh in as little as a few hours!  

Night owl coverless duvet

What Setting Can You Wash A Duvet?

Goose Down Duvet

When it comes to washing your duvet the washing instructions solely depend on the materials used. Whether you have a down duvet, cotton, or a synthetic duvet they all require slight different care and washing instructions. For instance our Vegan Down 100% Sustainable Cotton Duvet can be washed at 40° & tumble dried in a large capacity machine and even our Goose Feather & Down Duvet is home washable at 40°. Compared to our Breathe Duvet that’s washed at 60° and tumbled dry until thoroughly dry. Those who suffer from allergies and are seeking a duvet to withstand constant 60° washes, the temperature to eliminate dust mites. Our Hypoallergenic Smartfil Duvet range is washable at 60°C, and retains its shape and soft silky feel wash after wash. It’s key however, with any duvet to read the label prior and follow the instructions to wash to maximise the appearance and longevity of the duvet and its materials.

Luxury Fast Drying Duvets

Revolutionising the bedding world with the  latest technology in down and fibre filled bedding here at The Fine Bedding Company. We process and harness the sublime softness only found in luxury materials alongside using innove technology to revolutionise your bedding essentials. That’s where our Night Owl Collection comes in, reinventing the idea of having both the duvet and the cover into one product, eliminating the stressors and the time a duvet cover altogether. Bringing style and convenience together to make fighting with a duvet cover the thing of the past. With softness you can’t wash away and smartfil® fibres, proven performance, home washing and fast drying ability as well as it’s soft and stylish design allows for must have in the bedroom. 

With the Night Owl range not just being for the bedroom but also for keeping convenience and warmth to any explorer. Night Owl is also available as an Outdoor Range. Perfect for those camping or glamping holidays and late night adventures due to its water-resistant outdoor fleece blanket, it brings warmth and convenience to any setting! Slip the Night Owl Sherpa Fleece Outdoor Duvet for a spin in the wash and it’s dry in a couple of hours, ready for your next adventure. If camping is more your thing, Night Owl Sleeping Bag - Single or 3-in-1 Double is also a firm favourite.With it’s 7.0 tog a sustainable warmth rating for summer, autumn, and spring season, it’s a reliable go-to sleeping bag for all year round. Celebrate a simple and reliable lifestyle, with a super soft Night Owl.

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October 21, 2022 — Sleep Expert