Spring is nearly here - and so is the chance to change up your bedroom decor. In this article, we will be giving you our top tips for giving your room a new look for spring, including some of our favourite bedroom decor ideas!

Swap Out Those Sheets!

With the new season comes new changes that we want to make to our surroundings. In line with our spring clean-up this year, we may also want to prepare our sleeping arrangements for the change in weather. Our Sleep Experts recommend swapping your thick winter sheets for breathable cotton ones instead. Cotton sheets are the perfect pick for hot sleepers, as they allow you to sleep at a much cooler temperature.

Not to mention, cotton sheets are hypoallergenic as they are made from natural fibres. In the spring, some of us may notice the return of that dreaded hay fever. For those with sensitive noses, keeping a clean bed can be the difference between a good night's sleep or a restless one.

With the hypoallergenic properties of cotton sheets, they are also gentle on sensitive skin. With the change in weather, our skin can really suffer. Whether it’s heat rash, dryness, or general itchiness due to the rise in hay fever, cotton sheets are a must.

Our Smart Temperature Cooling 100% Cotton Sheet is the ideal fit for this spring season. The soft 200-thread count bed linen is created with the unique Smart Temp® technology from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ, delivering temperature control for optimal comfort. Besides cooling your body, these sheets are complete cotton, which means that you can really reap the benefits!

smart temperature cooling cotton sheet

New Season, New Cushions                                              

Goose Down Duvet

A great way to add a pop of colour to your bedroom or, even, your living room is through cushions. Make your space look extra inviting this spring by adding some much-needed throw pillows to your bed.

For example, our Lime Green Velvet Square Cushion screams spring and would make for the perfect addition to a neutral bedspread. The classic soft matte velvet square cushion in bright lime green with coordinating piped-edge detailing makes for a comfortable and versatile piece that’s easy to coordinate with your living or sleeping space.

We also recommend pairing it with another one from our range, such as the Green Tropical Leaf Square Cushion. Add a relaxed look to your sofa or bed with a striking tropical leaf print cushion. This pattern captures a variety of botanical leaves in bright yet natural colours, making it a much-needed piece for spring - particularly alongside the Lime Green Velvet Square Cushion.

Add More Prints in Your Bedroom

Along with more pops of colour, prints are also a great way to welcome spring. Everything from wall tiles to flooring, to a splash of pattern on a neutral bedspread , adds depth and interest to your space. Patterns add visual intrigue to the room, and when placed in the right spot, can provide a completely seamless flow that allows for your eyes to travel around your space and admire everything in its entirety.

When it comes to introducing patterns, you should choose something that is timeless and classic - that way, you won’t have to change it up too often. Gingham is a great example of a pattern that is always on trend, and stylish. Plus, whilst gingham is typically a checked pattern, it is also neutral. Depending on the colorways, gingham can be the perfect addition to your spring bedroom.

Speaking of gingham, here at The Fine Bedding Company, we may have some exciting additions to our range coming soon. Sign up below for exclusive early access!

spring bedroom design ideas
February 22, 2023 — Sleep Expert