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When it comes to planning your next camping trip or previous ones you have been on, you always think to pack a sleeping bag. From there you may look at the thickness of the sleeping bag and whether it will suit the climate you will be in. As we all know, comfort is key and there’s nothing better than climbing into a cosy sleeping bag under the night sky. When it comes to sleeping in a tent you want to try to bring the comfort of the indoors with you as you enjoy the outdoors.

However, you may have noticed that some people aren’t camping with sleeping bags anymore. Instead, they’re using a camping duvet. You now can enjoy your camping trips with an outdoor duvet that will immerse you in comfort and luxury while enjoying the elements.

At theFine Bedding Company, we believe you should have restorative and peaceful nights regardless of where you are with our sleeping bag duvet. Our Night Owl range with a coverless duvet set should become an essential part of your next trip.

Can You Take A Duvet On A Camping Trip?

Goose Down Duvet

When you think of a duvet, a thick and bulky traditional one comes to mind. However, we are here to tell you that gone are the days of having to choose convenience over comfort or space over practicality.

So to answer the question-yes, you can pack your duvet and be on your merry way! But we’re not talking about your duvet in your room, oh no! Let us introduce you to our Night Owl Sherpa Fleece Outdoor Duvet. Experience the comfort of the indoors, whilst being outdoors without having to sacrifice space or comfort!


Take our outdoor duvet with you on all your travels, whether that is having an evening under the stars, camping in the wilderness, caravanning along the coast or having a picnic on the beach.

The Night Owl Duvet is not only water-resistant, but it is the perfect companion for all adventures.

Why Choose An Outdoor Duvet

The most important reason why you should choose an outdoor duvet is for the luxury of being able to take comfort around with you in a lightweight and practical alternative to a sleeping bag.

Most people think that taking a duvet on your trip will mean lugging around a giant and impractical bag that takes up far too much space. But this is not the case anymore!

You will never have to sacrifice your sleep again, regardless of the climate because they range from all sizes-single to king size. As well as coming in 4.5-10 tog.

To top it all off they are easy to wash and quick drying, so the choice of size and tog will be able to match every adventure and escapade.

How To Keep Your Outdoor Duvet Fresh And Clean

We all know that making memories in the great outdoors can also mean making memories in the mud, and the rain, as well as getting crumbs and food all inside your tent and belongings.  It is part and parcel of enjoying nature. Fortunately, the Night OwlOutdoor Duvet is easily maintained.

The great thing about the Outdoor Duvet is that it is not only water repellent but also stain resistant, making it your new best friend that will be your trusted staple on every adventure.

When you feel like it needs a little wash, all you have to do is pop it in your washing machine and give it a spin. Then wait a couple of hours and it will be ready for the next caravan trip or fun under the stars. 

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October 14, 2022 — Sleep Expert