Sustainable bedding

When it comes to bedding, the sustainability factor is and should be a major consideration in the decision-making process. Cotton dominates the bedding market despite being one of the world's worst polluters. The waste water from cotton extraction and production contains toxic dyes, chlorine, and pesticides used to process the crop into fibre. Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in the world, but it is also the most toxic crop in production because it is sprayed with the most chemicals. Therefore the hunt for sustainable cotton and its methods should be a great factor when browsing for your next duvet cover.  

Here at The Fine Bedding Company we understand these complications and what that entails for being a cotton producer. Pioneering premium sleep since 1912 we’ve been on a life's mission to obtain the most sustainable bedding possible. Making sustainable sleep, for you and the planet. Our 100% recycled duvet was the first to market, there’s always been a cleverness behind our comfort. 100% of our manmade fibres are from recycled sources, and whilst our customers sleep with our Fine Bedding we can assure them that 100% of the energy produced from our eco factory in Estonia came from renewable sources and created zero waste.

The Most Sustainable Bedding Material? 

Aside from Cotton, there are numerous other materials in the bedding world that their extraction is less damaging to the environment. Recycled materials for instance the Linen Collection for the Night Owl Coverless Duvet not only provides a luxurious fabric but is made from recycled polyester made from old plastic bottles. Our Night Owl has 100% recycled Smartfil® filing and due to its coverless appeal it eliminates the idea of needing a duvet cover altogether. The most sustainable duvet cover? Is essentially not to use any - right? Well yes, The Night Owl Coverless Duvet range ensures just that. Whilst providing it’s easy home wash capabilities as well as it’s fast drying ability and recycled filling available also in a Pure Cotton Collection made from 100% pure BCI cotton fabric. It revolutionises bedding and eliminates the need for a duvet cover, instead just has a duvet that’s soft, uses sustainably sourced cotton, convenient and stylish. Making it the ideal sustainable bedding.

sustainable night owl bedding

Things To Look Out For When Looking For Sustainable Bedding

There are numerous factors to look out for when trying to find sustainable bedding, and even though cotton is commonly known as one of the worst polluters, you can also find sustainable and well controlled cotton under The Better Cotton Initiative. A certified organisation that ensures better standards in cotton farming and practices across 21 countries. As of 2017, Better Cotton accounts for 14% of global cotton production and is rising. Therefore here at The Fine Bedding Company, we want to fuse not only quality bedding but also sustainable bedding therefore 100% of our cotton was sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative. Find the certified BCI reference on each of our products, meaning you can shop with sustainable ease if you're sourcing sustainable cotton luxury. With sustainability being at the forefront of our brand, collections like our Sustainably Sourced Cotton Duvet Covers make shopping sustainably with ease. 

Other aspects to look for is the use of recycling materials through our products, with items like our hypoallergenic Spundown Duvet and its uses of advanced Smartfil® fibres, made from recycled materials. Provide not only sustainably sourced products but the highest quality and softness in all bedding forms. 

Duvet made from plastic bottles? 

Goose Down Duvet

Speaking of recycled bedding, ever heard of a duvet made from plastic bottles? Us neither, before we made one. The Vegan Down 100% Sustainable Cotton Duvet made from recycled plastic bottles which uniquely trap air and warmth in the same way as a natural down duvet. Is made with a luxury 233 thread count cotton it provides and not only provides warmth but is BCI approved. With approximately 120 bottles used to make this 10.5 tog duvet it's the future of sustainable fibres and vegan down duvets.  

Affordable Eco Friendly Bedding For All

When it comes to re-inventing the bedding world and its sustainability, all of our cotton range is BCI approved, along with our linen collection and revolutionary standards. The Fine Bedding Company creates restorative bedding for you and our planet in our zero waste eco factory. With our Featherlight fibres that don’t leave a trace and 100% of our manmade fibres being made from recycled sources, we show clever comfort and our commitment to responsible business practices. Whether that’s for Mattress Protectors and Toppers to sustainable duvets and pillows, we have it all.

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October 14, 2022 — Sleep Expert