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With the official summer months being on the horizon, it’s a good time to switch out your spring bedding for a fully summer revamp ready for those warmer nights ahead. With linen being the staple of summer, there is also another slice of luxury that is perfect for those summer evenings and that is silk. Silk bedding not only provides your bed with that luxury hotel feel, it can be beneficial for keeping in your skin's moisture and by using a sleep-inducing blend the softness is perfect for sending you into blissful sleep.

However, the common question is, is silk bedding appropriate for summer? We asked our sleep experts here at The Fine Bedding Company if silk is a good option for this summer for a brighter and more luxurious option for our bedding. In this article we’ll look at all things silk, if we can rely on silk to keep us cool this summer, as well as what summer beddings do’s and don’ts.

Is Silk Bedding Good for Summer? 

When we think of silk, we think of a luxurious fabric. Whether it's silk clothing, like a silk dress, we see it everywhere and highly associate it as a luxury item because of its high-end quality. 

However, when it comes to bedding, is silk a good option for keeping cool in the summer?

Silk is a breathable fabric that is well known for its versatility in all seasons. It is commonly associated with clothing, and because it is a lightweight, dressy option, it adjusts to your body temperature, and because of its glossy weave, it can be a luxurious option in any season, particularly the summer.

When it comes to bedding, the same applies. Silk is an amazing fabric that doesn’t just look the part but due to its properties it is incredibly breathable eliminating the idea of getting too hot in the night, meaning it’s a summer essential. A convenient duvet like the Boutique Silk Duvet is an ideal bespoke duvet available in a summer tog, it’s a go-to for so many. Due to its silk blend filling and sleep-inducing Smartfil® fibres alongside a pure cotton cover, it provides the ideal balance of breathable luxury silk. With the convenience of being machine washable without losing its plumpness, it makes these washable silk duvets, boutique bedding at its finest. Indeed, they are frequently the first choice of hotel bedding for many luxury 4-star and 5-star hotels. 

How To Keep Cool This Summer 

An efficient way to keep you cool for the summer months ahead is a specifically selected summer bedding range. With silk having such breathability it’s a good choice for revamping your bedroom ready for summer. With our Boutique Silk Pillow offering up a premium nights sleep, packed full of advanced Smartfil® fibres alongside its luxury silk. It’s part of our highly recommended luxury hotel bedding range, pioneered to give you that restful nights sleep even in the heat of summer.

Summer Bedding Dos & Don’ts

With a wide variety of bedding options on the market it can be a little confusing as to which you should opt for in which season. With our Seasonal Bedding Guide from our sleep experts it’s as easy and ever to pick and choose what bedding works best for you. However there are a few things to look out for when choosing your seasonal bedding. 


Goose Down Duvet

Always look out for the tog of a duvet. Typically, the summer togs ideal for warmer months are those 4.5 tog duvet covers, these are crafted to keep you snug whilst also allows breathability and cooling in the night when the seasons warm up. Saying this, if you find it difficult to match your temperature to your bedding here we’ve got you covered. We launched our Smart Temperature Bedding range to fix that exact problem, so say goodbye to night sweats altogether. With the range specifically engineered with Smart temperature properties like this Smart Temperature Cooling 100% Cotton Duvet Cover. It consists of an intelligent thermoregulation system that reacts to your body temperature and changes accordingly. The smart bedding activates a unique cooling effect when your body temperature rises, resting to the heat before you even wake up and notice it’s a perfect addition to your summer bedding to guarantee a peaceful night's sleep.


When preparing for summer, don’t assume that your year round bedding will fit into those warmer months. It can be easily turned a blind eye too and compensated with a summer fan but ultimately a summer ready bed attire is the best solution for a guaranteed restful night's sleep. Specifically pioneered bedding to keep that breathability factor through the hot seasons is key. As will winter bedding, it’s specifically tailored to cold nights therefore are impressive at insulating your body and not allowing heat to escape, which ultimately is the last thing you’d want in the summer. For more expert advice as well as any questions and extra information on how to make the transition and how to store winter duvets see our website. 

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June 29, 2022 — Sleep Expert