Now that school’s out for the summer, it’s definitely the season for camping, caravanning, and holiday sleepovers. But you never quite know what you’re going to get with the great British weather especially when you’re sleeping outdoors. It could be blazingly hot, or stormy, wet, and windy. That makes it hard to plan what to take, so you end up leaving something behind, or literally having to pack everything but the kitchen sink! Either way, it’s not ideal. 

Duvet Sleeping Bag

Staying over with friends or family or at a hotel might be an easier option, even so, it’s still never quite the same as being in your own home. Invariably your sleep suffers, and unsurprisingly, you can’t wait to return to the comfort of your own bed. Nights spent on the rough floor of a tent, or a ridiculously hard caravan bed might feel more adventurous, but they’re not exactly known for being the most pleasurable sleeping environments. 

Thankfully, the days of feeling cold and uncomfortable are on their way out. That’s because it’s now possible to bring a little of your home comfort and an added touch of luxury wherever you holiday in the shape of Night Owl’s triple-purpose coverless duvet which also transforms into a double sleeping bag or two singles. It might seem a novel concept, but you know what? It works!

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Night Owl 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag

Our new coverless duvet is just perfect for all of your sleepover needs. Whether that’s staying on a campsite, in a mobile home, caravan or campervan, a hotel, rented cottage or a stayover with your besties or loved ones, this great value 3-way duvet cum sleeping bag will make your holiday bedding all the more comfortable and feel like home. 

It doesn’t matter whether it's autumn, winter, or spring, the 7.0 tog season warmth rating means that this high-quality sleeping bag is ideal for all three, plus those cooler summer nights too. Forget the thin, cold, poor quality sleeping bags of past camping trips, this is the ultimate sleeping bag reimagination, combining the supreme cosiness and convenience of a coverless duvet with the portability of a sleeping bag. 

Another benefit is that there’s no wrestling with duvet covers when bedtime arrives since it already comes encased in a wonderfully super-soft fabric-feel cover. Use it as a sleeping bag for a double bed, double camp bed or if you’re a really hardcore camper, the floor. 

Alternatively, you can separate this ingenious duvet into two single sleeping bags instead making it ultra-convenient and multi-purpose. The clever design means that it comes with two-way access and an auto-lock which keeps the warmth in, ensuring that you feel secure, temperate, and incomparably snug all throughout the night. And the classic weave means that it’ll add style to any environment too. Now you can be sure of a restful and restorative night’s sleep whenever you’re away from home.

 duvet sleeping bagShop 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag

Easy Wash Sleeping Bag

Camping and caravanning always has the potential for dirt and grime, especially when kids are involved too. Rainwater, muddy shoes, detritus, and food can all find their way onto campsite bedding. Fortunately, the Night Owl 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag is easily maintained. Simply pop it into your washing machine and you can line dry or pop it onto a cooler tumble dry setting for between 90-120 minutes. Do make sure that it's thoroughly dry before you reuse it again though to avoid fibres clumping together. Follow the care guide and it’ll be as good as new within a few hours, ready for your next expedition.

A Sleeping Bag with a Conscience

Not only do you get a great night of sleep, but you can rest easy with a clear conscience when you purchase this item. It’s exceptional sustainability credentials are down to the fact that Night Owl products are filled with 100% Smartfil® polyester, a cutting-edge and highly sustainable fibre technology. This material is so eco-friendly because Smartfil®  achieves the same thermal efficiency as a premium down duvet in the equivalent tog, except that it has much finer fibres. An incredibly warm, cosy duvet is the end-product but something else that you’ll notice about it is that it’s remarkably light, breathable, and cloud-like. That’s all down to an innovative manufacturing process that allows more air to flow through the duvet, creating a highly breathable, soft, and wonderfully comforting duvet.

Smartfil® polyester is made from recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles. That’s the packaging that comes from food and beverages you buy in the supermarket including soft drinks. Wouldn’t you agree that’s a simply amazing repurposing of plastic? Despite their origin Smartfil® fibres are unbelievably soft too. So, by converting to the Night Owl range, you’re even making a difference to the planet too. Now who here doesn’t want to do that? 

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August 02, 2021 — Sleep Expert