The past year has been incredibly difficult for all of us. Lockdown restrictions have stopped us from travelling, holidaying, and seeing loved ones. It’s something that most of us never thought we’d ever experience in our lifetime. And here we are. One year on and at long last, the freedoms we once took so much for granted are gradually being given back to us. 

We may not be fully there yet but at least travel around the country is allowed once more. Even more importantly, as we all become vaccinated, we’re finally getting to spend precious moments with our dearest friends and family. Sleepovers are back on, hotels are opening up and this summer is set to be the year of the staycation with millions of us holidaying in the UK, enjoying the finest countryside and tourist attractions that Great Britain has to offer.

Whilst some of us may feel quite happy to stay in a hotel, not everyone feels quite ready for that. Some of us are taking a slower approach, preferring to dip our toe and acclimatise to ‘normal’ life, with a few sleepovers here and there. Having spent so much enforced time at home recently, we’ve all got a bit used to our own home comforts though. The truth is that there’s nothing like your own bed. So, whilst you can’t actually take your own bed to friends and family, you can bring your own bedding for the ultimate comfort. Fine Bedding, as always, is here on hand to help you get that hotel quality without the holiday!

 hotel quality bedding

Hotel Quality Duvet Cover

Have you ever wondered why hotel bedding always feels so unbelievably comfy? It’s one of those things that we always try to replicate at home, but it never quite feels as good. That’s because hotel bedding tends to use high thread counts, the best quality materials and innovative technology. 

The Fine Bedding Company has made it their mission to create better products for a better night’s sleep. The products are resilient, technologically advanced, and durable to withstand repeated washing whilst sumptuously soft. Finally, you too, can have hotel quality bedding at an affordable price. In fact, many distinguished international hotels are big fans of The Fine Bedding Company, so you’ll always be in good company!

Whether you want to add a touch of luxury to sleepovers or simply to have hotel standard bedding at home, we’d definitely recommend the Smart Temperature Duvet Cover. It’s absolutely perfect for balmy summer nights. Harnessing an innovative activated cooling™ system from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ®, this duvet cover delivers instant and continuous temperature control throughout the night.

 smart temperature bedding


The 200 thread count of this luxurious, sustainably sourced bed linen means that it’s incredibly soft to the touch. Coupled with the fact that it keeps you cool, when necessary, you’ll feel wonderfully comfortable and set for a restorative night of sleep.

How Does the Smart Temperature Duvet Cover Work?

It’s all done via an intuitive two-step thermoregulation system based on sound science. The bedding works dynamically, and a cooling sensation is offered at the very first sign of moisture. Not only that, but it can also sense any increase in body temperature. If you get hotter, the ground-breaking technology activates a cooling system that mimics the body’s natural cooling mechanism. Once the unique cooling effect has been activated, moisture evaporates. Then, when the body reaches its ideal temperature, the cooling effect eases so that you don’t get cold. Pretty damn clever even if we do say so!

This hotel standard, luxury duvet cover really is the perfect solution for staying crisp and cool throughout summertime or for anybody that loves a touch of extravagance at home or away. The dynamic duvet cover is so portable and very easy to maintain. It’s home washable and quick drying, so maintaining it is super easy. The brilliant technology remains fully effective even after repeated laundering too.

Smart Temperature: A Comprehensive Activated Cooling System

The Smart Temperature Duvet Cover is only one component of the full Smart Temperature Sleep System. Thankfully, this amazing technology has been applied to the Smart Temperature Pillow, Smart Temperature Pillow Case, Smart Temperature Fitted Sheet and Smart Temperature Mattress Protector. We recommend using the full bedding system for optimal effect.

smart temperature bedding

July 01, 2021 — Sleep Expert