Spicing up your home every once in a while can really give the place a new feeling. By adding some decorations, moving furniture around or hanging pictures on the wall, your interior will feel brand new again. People tend to get bored easily. Now, changing your entire interior every year might be a bit too expensive, so how can you change small things that make a huge impact?   

There’s a lot of different interior styles out there. Therefore, what works for one person, might not work for the other. And of course, it all comes down to personal taste as well. Start off with creating a mood board. This can really help you to define your preferences and see what matches your current interior. Are you planning on switching up your interior style? Create a mood board of your ideal interior. You can find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and pin them on your personal board. To make it easier for you, we’re going to give you 3 home renovation ideas for your bedroom interior. 

Spice Up The Bedroom Colours

Is your bedroom quite plain and natural in colours? Natural colours are often used in Scandinavian and modern interiors and give a calm and relaxing vibe to your bedroom. Would you like to spice things up and pop some colourful details in? That gives your interior a whole new dimension. The best part about it is that you can decide for yourself how you’d like to approach this. Are you going full out and paint the walls, or would you rather keep it neutral and buy some colourful decorations? You are in control. 

We’ve looked into the popular paint colours for 2021 and here are our favourites. Orange is a colour that adds a lot of warmth to a room and isn’t used that often. Combine the orange walls with white tones and it gives an elegant look. Or what about dark blue? Blue is a calming colour, which is perfect for the bedroom. The dark blue walls go well with mustard yellow decorations. Green was very popular in 2020 but will also be a trend in the upcoming year. In particular sage green is a winning colour if you ask us. 

Decorating Is Not a Look, It's a Point of View

Now you’ve dealt with the base, the colour of the walls, it’s time to look at decorations. A plain room can be very calming but can become dull quickly. Are you tired of your plain bedroom or do you want to change up your current decorations? Finding new interior accessories doesn’t have to be expensive. You can easily find cheap decorations on the internet or in a second-hand shop. 

Let’s talk about what decorations to search for. Your bedroom is a place where you might not spend the most time, but it is a place where you can relax. Therefore, it’s important to create a calm but cosy environment. After painting your walls, they will still look a bit empty. To fix this, you can hang up some art or photos. There’s a lot of cool prints out there that will look great with your interior. A great place to find creative and unique art is Etsy, a platform where people can sell their homemade products. Or you could support local artists, you can often find unique creations in your local shops. 

Plants have proven to make our minds and bodies happy. Plants give more oxygen to a room, which is very beneficial for our health. That’s why plants are great to have in the bedroom. Besides the fact that they function very well as decoration, they also purify the air. The Sansevieria trifasciata, better known as the snake plant, is perfect for the bedroom as it needs little care but it filters the air of household toxins at the same time. 

Change Your Linens

We tend not to change up our linens every few months. However, it can give your bedroom a whole different look. By recycling the linens you no longer use, you’re making environmentally conscious choices. You can easily recycle your linens at certain retailers, such as H&M. Besides new linens, you should change your duvet and pillow at least once every five years. Studies have shown that we tend to hold onto our bedding for way too long, sometimes even for a decade. Time to get yourself a brand new, luxury duvet and matching pillows. At The Fine Bedding Company, you will find the perfect bedding for your situation. Are you looking for an all-season duvet, that has a cosy and fluffy feeling to it? Then you’ll find the Goose Feather & Down Duvet a perfect match. 

goose feather duvet

Now you have new bedding, it’s time to put some new sheets on them. You can either choose to buy your bed sheets separately or just buy a duvet that doesn’t need a cover. What, no cover? That’s right, the Night Owl coverless duvet doesn’t need a cover. The duvet is 100% washable at home, so you just wash the entire duvet. It’s as simple as that. As the Night Owl duvet is available in multiple colours, you can still add some colour to your bedding.

coverless duvet

December 27, 2020 — Sleep Expert