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Spundown Square Pillow

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Cover 100% Sustainably Sourced Cotton
Filling 100% Smartfil® Microfibre
Care Instructions Wash at 60°C. Tumble dry until thoroughly dry. Do Not Bleach. Do not dry clean.
Dimension (cm) See our Size Chart
Country of origin Estonia
Product Packaging

Reusable storage bag

The Spundown pillow is a washable pillow that offers the ultimate in comfort and convenience. It will retain its quality wash after wash, and can even be washed at home for added convenience. Filled with advanced Smartfil® fibres, these highly compressible fibres recover and return to their original plump shape even after repeated washing. Our washable pillow is also ideal for allergy sufferers as it can be washed at a dust mite busting 60°C. All of this innovative technology is encased in a cotton blend cover to give that extra layer of luxury.
Loves to be washed
Size Chart
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Absolutely amazing

Amazing quality. I have been absolutely loving my pillow. my nights have never been better. Absolutely amazing


Enfin des oreillers de qualité , connu dans le Motel One de Londres, j’ai voulu rapporter le savoir faire anglais à la maison , un confort inégalable , un maintien exceptionnel, que du bonheur !!!!!

Can't wait to go back to bed!

I have a medium and a soft spundown pillow, one on top of the other. I've never slept better!

Super nights' sleep

Slept on this pillow for first time on board Saga Sapphire Cruise Ship. So very comfortable and looks good too with self stripe. Can't wait to order on my return. Order will be on its way very soon !!!!

Wish they'd wash as well as we're told they will!

I have been buying these Spundown pillows for more than a decade, and when you first get them they are great, a really comfortable supportive pillow which is great as I suffer from neck and shoulder pain. However, they are supposed to wash really well, but I have ALWAYS had to buy another one instead as the filling seems to separate when I wash them exactly as instructed. They are never as comfortable after washing. In fact the filling bunches up into balls and I end up just buying another one, or trying another brand. I have probably bought somewhere in the region of 6 of these in the last 10-12 years, because initially they are brilliant, but end up throwing them out after washing. I emailed the company once to ask them why this happens and to tell them I shouldn't really have had to replace them this often, but they simply told me it was odd and shouldn't happen. So, I am now considering yet another pillow purchase, after trying a dunlopillo as great expense which was too high for me. I will go to my local retailer and buy one, hopefully on offer, but by way of feedback, it's a bit rubbish that they don't last very long and don't wash as they're supposed to which is such a shame as they're brilliant until they're washed.

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