Now that winter is around the corner and it’s starting to get really cold outside, we’ll be spending more and more time inside. All the more reason to spend some extra time and money on making your interior cosy and make your house feel more homey. While we often decorate our living room differently every season, the bedroom is often a place we neglect. After all, it’s just a place where we sleep, right? While that may be true to some extent, we really underestimate the effect of a cosy bedroom on our sleep. And don’t forget about the times where we snuggle up in bed because it’s nice and warm, let’s make it extra cosy with these winter bedding design ideas for the winter of 2021. 

How To Make A Bed More Cosy

Of course, a bed is mostly practical and it’s most important that it will help you to sleep well, but why not make it visually pleasing too? The bedroom is a place which can become messy rapidly. You know the drill, by the time you’re going to bed, you don’t feel like putting your clothes in the laundry basket. According to the National Sleep Foundation, decluttering your bedroom and creating a clean space allows you to sleep better. Try a feng shui bedroom layout to bring peace to your mind and really make the best of your bedroom.

That being said, it also helps to create a cosy, comfortable environment in the bedroom by adding home decor. So... how do you make a bed more cosy? For your bedding, make sure that it will keep you warm throughout the night. Our duvets come with a natural filling, synthetic filling or our unique Smartfil® fibre fillings. Our winter duvet collection consists of the comfiest, fluffiest 13.5 tog winter duvets, that will all help you to drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep. Pick a warm colour for your duvet cover or even opt for a fun pattern to switch it up. To really be able to snuggle up in bed in the evenings, lay a throw on top of the bedding and add a loooooot of pillows. Meet your new chill spot!

How Many Pillows Do You Need?

Excuse us, is that really a question? The more the better, right? It may not be the most practical to lay 20 pillows on your bed, but hey, at least it looks really good! Of course, the most important thing is that you have one or two supportive pillows to actually sleep on. Did you know that the type of pillow you need depends on your sleeping position? If you’re a back or side sleeper, you’ll need a firmer pillow than when you prefer sleeping on your stomach. It’s good to read up on this as it can prevent neck and back issues (or solve the problems you’ve been dealing with). The fun part about adding a lot of pillows on your bed is that you can add a pop of colour in a simple way. Choose various different pillowcases to spice up your bedroom and make it feel more cosy. If you choose warmer colours such as burgundy red, dark green, navy blue or mustard, it will feel like a cosy winter in no time. 


Coverless Duvet To Snuggle Up With On The Sofa

Who says you can’t bring your bed to the sofa? Step up your game and switch your blanket up for a coverless duvet. Our Night Owl duvet comes in a 10.5 tog which makes it the perfect blanket to snuggle and get cosy with on the sofa. The best thing about the coverless duvet is that it’s 100% home washable, which makes using it a lot more fun. Did you spill your food or drinks? Not to worry, because you can simply pop the duvet in your washing machine, let it air dry or even put it in the tumble dryer and you’ll have a brand new duvet!

November 08, 2021 — Sleep Expert