Benefits of a dual layer mattress topper

With comfort being at the forefront of a perfect night's sleep, getting the right mattress topper is key in perfecting your bedtime set up. With a few favourites here at The Fine Bedding Company, pioneering premium sleep since 1912, we’ve mastered the comfort for the most blissful nights sleep. With the five star hotel choice, the Dual Layer Mattress Topper is one of our favourites for many reasons. Providing an array of benefits, treating you to the perfect night’s sleep with our pioneering technology.

Maximum Comfort with Smartfil® Microfibre

Goose Down Duvet

Ultimately the most important aspect to any bedding is how comfy and soft the materials used are. With the Dual Layer Mattress Topper including a patented fibre in its materials it’s designed and crafted to your sleep needs ensuring maximum comfort. It provides not only a supportive and super soft inside but the Smartfil® microfibre materials allow for a softness that you can’t wash away. Due to our advancing specifications in bedding, this thick and cushioning, double layered mattress topper feels like the cushioning of a new mattress with every sleep. Due to mattresses’ being more on the pricey side the need to add a topper allows also for your mattress underneath to last longer and be kept as fresh as possible.

Can I Easily Wash My Mattress Topper?

Due to the advancing  Smartfil® technology used within the Dual Layer Mattress Topper, the mattress topper can be washed numerous times and not lose its cushioning or performance. After making the first truly home washable duvet, that can be washed at 60°C up to 20 times without losing its feel or performance, also filled with our advanced fibre Smartfil® technology the Mattress Toppers also do the same.  With the multiple layered mattress topper including an unzippable function to the layers, it’s as practical and convenient as ever to wash, since separating layers menas you can fit them in a domestic washing machine. With our ultra washable, shape retaining fibre we can provide the ultimate bedding that bounces back! 

Hypoallergenic Properties 

Due to being able to wash the mattress topper numerous times without it affecting the quality and bounceability of the cushioning fibres, the Dual Layer Mattress Topper is an ideal option for those allergy sufferers. With the topper being washable at a dust mite busting 60°C and fitting into any domestic home washing machine whilst not changing its cushioning it’s a great solution for those to combat allergens. Alongside the mattress topper, here at The Fine Bedding Company we have an array of hypoallergenic bedding to restock your whole bedroom. Like our Spundown Duvet with over 98% of people who use the Spundown duvet rating it a five star, it’s ideal for allergy sufferers providing a great protection and freshness you'll love. 

Elastic Straps for Stability 

Toss and turn all you like, thanks to the 35cm mattress topper straps the multi layered topper provides minimal moveability, allowing you to focus on finding your comfortable sleep position without rearranging the mattress topper. As we all know there’s nothing more frustrating than waking up with the mattress topper half off the bed and constantly having to align it correctly every night. Those days are long gone. Simply wrap the straps around the edges of the mattress and enjoy its stability. 

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September 08, 2022 — Sleep Expert