It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when buying a new mattress or bed, but it’s an essential nonetheless: a mattress topper. With a mattress topper, you can improve your mattress and make it even more comfortable. Besides that, it has many benefits and will help you to extend the lifespan of your mattress. Are you curious about what a mattress topper is used for and what its benefits are? You’ll find out in this blog. 

What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is an additional layer that can be added on top of a mattress to provide more comfort and protect the mattress from direct contact. In essence, a mattress topper is a thin fluffy layer that is put on top of the normal mattress. When buying a mattress topper, there’s a couple of things you should consider. The mattress topper should be:

  • at least 5 cm deep
  • two-sided or fully turnable
  • tape edged to increase perimeter support

What is a Mattress Topper Used For?

The main reason to use a mattress topper is to soften hard mattresses and make them more comfortable. With a topper, it is possible to adapt a mattress to your specific needs. For better protection and more comfort, a mattress topper can be used on top of a normal mattress. After using a mattress for a while, it can start to collapse more. A mattress topper can help to prevent this from happening as it provides a protective layer. Especially for one-sided mattresses that cannot be turned around, it’s important to use a mattress topper. There’s a lot of different types of mattress toppers on the market, but always choose one with a high-quality filling.

Benefits of a Mattress Topper

There are many benefits to using a mattress topper and we are going to show you why you need one in your life as well. A mattress topper should be on every mattress and here’s why:

1. A topper protects your mattress from three evils

Body perspiration, dead skin cells and bacteria are three evils every mattress will have to fight against. During the night, our bodies sweat and get rid of dead skin cells that both end up on sinking into the mattress. A mattress topper provides a protective layer over the mattress and will help to deal with these three issues. 

2. A topper makes a (hard) mattress more comfortable

Is your mattress hard as stone and are you struggling to find a comfortable position when you’re sleeping? Your wallet might not be too excited about buying an entirely new mattress right now, so adding a topper is a perfect and much less expensive solution. Combining both practicality and comfort, the dual-layer construction of the Dual Layer Mattress Topper provides an extra cushioning layer to your mattress whilst the added zip makes this topper incredibly easy to wash.

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3. Some mattress toppers are home washable

Yes, you read that right! Some mattress toppers can actually be washed from the comfort of your own home. Very easy and hygienic, as you’re not able to wash your mattress itself. Using a mattress topper is therefore very hygienic and you’ll finally be able to clean your bed entirely. What’s a better feeling than going to bed at night, knowing that your sleeping surface has been washed? Our Spundown Mattress Enhancer is a washable mattress topper with a luxurious filling of 100% Smartfil® fibres. The mattress enhancer can simply be washed at 60°C in the comfort of your own home.

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4. A topper helps to extend a mattress’ lifespan

As it provides a protective layer, a mattress topper actually helps to extend the lifespan of a mattress. You can easily turn your topper around and make sure you use both sides, which will make it last longer. A new mattress is an investment so obviously, you’ll want to get the most out of it. The R90 Mattress Topper is designed by renowned sports sleep coach Nick Littlehales and is used by elite athletes over the world. And it’s now 50% off! 

5. A mattress topper has health benefits

Adding a mattress topper on top of your bed can contribute to your health. Especially for people who suffer from allergies, a mattress topper can help your allergies to calm down tremendously. Make sure to pick a mattress topper that has the possibility to wash it at 60°C, this helps to kill the dust mites. No more itchy noses or sneezing throughout the night!

February 19, 2021 — Sleep Expert