This month in the height of Stress Awareness 2022 here at The Fine Bedding Company we wanted to devote this time to talk about stress and the relationship between stress and sleep. With more people than ever feeling stress according to research of the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of the general public have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. Therefore it’s more crucial than ever to talk about stress and ways in which we can reduce stress in our everyday lives. 

With Stress Awareness Month UK taking place for many years, it highlights and raises awareness of the causes and cures of our modern epidemic, which, we believe we can all agree is an important and crucial discussion. With the link of stress surfacing health concerns whilst being a common daily hurdle for all of us, it’s so important to incorporate a sense of de-stressing into your lives. If unbalanced stressors occur it can be an overwhelming hurdle to overcome making way to destress is vital in your day to day. As stress is unavoidable for the majority of us, controlling and de-stressing is an important aspect to consider in our everyday lives. In this article, we’ll be talking about the impact of stress and how it can cause sleep deprivation, as well as the signs of overwhelm and how they contribute to delaying the onset of sleep. With insufficient sleep and anxious thoughts causing further stress, it’s as important as ever to devote time to de-stress, so you get that peaceful night sleep you deserve.  

How Much Does Stress Affect Sleep? 


With one effect of stress being sleep deprivation, and stress being one cause of sleep deprivation, it can be a hard battle to achieve the right balance in our busy lives. There are numerous ways here at The Fine Bedding Company we can recommend to make your bedtime set up as sleep efficient as possible.

Goose Down Duvet

Making your bed efficient for sleep is one way to unwind effectively and get a long night's sleep to help with stress. One way being from our Smart Temperature Collection using unique Smart Temp™ technology to control your body temperature whilst sleeping, if you're too hot the HeiQ Smart Temp technology is activated for a cooling effect and deactivates if you're too cold. With these smart fabrics dynamic heat response capabilities it cools and adapts to regulate your body's temperature throughout the night.With products like the Smart Temperature Duvet Cover with its Smart technology it eliminates the idea of broken sleep and waking up from hot sweats, resulting in a less stressful nights sleep.



To get the full set and full effects of the Smart Temperature Technology match the Smart Temperature Mattress Protector alongside the Smart Temperature Pillow through the seasons to prepare for all temperature fluctuations and provide a guaranteed temperature controlled sleep.

How Does Stress Cause Sleep Problems? 

Sleep deprivation makes it difficult to deal with stressful situations and can intensify anxiety and depression. With some people suffering from sleep deprivation due to the heightened sense of alertness from your mind going into overdrive at night causing a lack of sleep. The idea of sleep and rest for some can be associated with stress due to a heightened thought response. Sleep is one perfect way to unwind and de stress and there are numerous ways to unwind and ensure your body gets enough rest. As well as factors like exercise being good for stress management as it lowers blood pressure there's also diet and lifestyle choices that help the body combat stressors.

Getting the right amount of sleep per night is vital, with the recommended amount at around seven to nine per night for an adult. Decreasing on average the older you are, with the average for teens being around ten hours and older adults averaging at about seven hours sleep. This sufficient rest time makes it easier on your body to deal with stressful situations in the day, and establishing a healthy sleep routine is ideal to recharge. To set your mind to rest there are numerous practises to try including, some may be writing your feelings and thoughts down on paper to get them out of your head or doing activities you enjoy to take your mind off your stressors. Also making time for numerous activities that take you outside your daily stressors is a good way to relax the mind and take your mind off either work stressors etc.

The perfect companion for any get away is the Night Owl Outdoor Sleeping Bag - Single or 3-in-1 Double bringing the home comforts to any travel destination. It's a good way to ensure a cosy and comfortable night's sleep no matter where you are. With its characteristics similar to a duvet cover and its practicality of a sleeping bag, it's an ideal item to fall into after a long day out. Now available in single as well as a double sleeping bag, it’s ideal for traveling alone or alongside someone else, to unwind and provide that sense of escapism from your daily stressors. Whilst still bringing the comfort and warmth to achieve that sufficient nights rest.


Night owl duvet

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June 23, 2022 — Sleep Expert