Kids grow in and out of phases quickly. One day they will be completely into LEGO®, the next day they want to be a knight and after a week they’ve decided to become a firefighter. This can make decorating the kids room a tough task, as you don’t want to keep changing up the room decor. Your child will likely enjoy different things at the age of five than at the age of eight, and adapting your kids’ room every year will get quite expensive, so it’s best to pick a theme that will last for a longer period of time. In this blog, we’ve collected the five best kids room themes that they will love for years to come.

Jungle Room for Kids

This might be one of the most popular themes for a kids room. A jungle-themed bedroom is fun and will generally last a lot longer than the well-known princess or superhero room. Kids go through a lot of changes and develop into new phases quickly. That’s why it’s only natural for them to change in interests as well. Whereas before, a lot of rooms were decorated based on gender and stereotypes, such as princess-themed rooms for girls, we now see more neutral themes. 

With a jungle room, it’s possible to keep the space neutral. You don’t have to go overboard on the decorations. Start off with wallpaper, for example with jungle leaves or wild animals. By keeping the wallpaper fairly neutral, you will diminish the chance of your kid growing tired of it quickly. Are your children younger? Decorate the room with stuffed animals, such as lions, giraffes or elephants. Once your kids are a bit older, you can simply remove the kids-oriented decorations, without having to redecorate the entire room. 

Space Room

Is your child a future astronomer? You’ll find a space room to be the perfect theme for your kid. Decorating a bedroom in a space theme is easy, you can create a cool effect by simply adding wallpaper of planets or the galaxy. If desired, you can add decorations such as space-themed pillows, a rocket lamp or glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. You could even set up star lights or a galaxy projector. 

This kids room theme can last for years, as it is not necessarily linked to a specific age group. It doesn’t matter whether your kid is five or eleven years old, anyone would enjoy watching the galaxy from their beds. Depending on the age your kids are in, you can always mix up decorations. 

Neutral Bedroom 

Even though this might not be an actual theme, it is a good way to make sure that your kids’ room will be loved for a long time. By keeping it fairly neutral, your kid is less likely to grow out of a specific theme quickly. But hold on, this doesn’t mean the kids room has to be boring! There’s still a lot of ways to create a fun and personal space while using neutral colours. In fact, neutral colours such as beige, brown, grey and white are extremely popular to use in a kids bedroom nowadays. To brighten things up, you can add a stuffed animal like a giraffe or bear to the room or hang some prints on the walls here and there with jungle-themed images to bring the room to life. These types of decorations can easily be donated once your child grows out of them. Alternatively, adding a bright coloured duvet to a neutral room can liven things up, and can easily be adapted to their evolving preferences. Our Night Owl coverless duvet comes in Dusk Pink, White Seersucker, Aurora Green, Twilight Blue, Cloud Grey and Grey Marl, and did we mention it is machine washable and doesn't need a duvet cover?

kids room theme

It is also important to let your kids play in their room so that it feels like their own space. Place a few large colourful boxes under the bed and store some toys in there. Your child will be able to play throughout the day and all toys are cleaned up in just a few minutes.  

Playful Kids Room

There is one thing that all kids love: playing. Whether they are playing with toys, pretending to tutor their imaginary students or pretending to mother their doll, all kids have a playful nature. What better way to decorate the kids room than making it an area where they can play? By making the kids room playful, you will lessen the mess in your living room. Plus, they’ll have their own space to play, which kids tend to love. 

Are you wondering how to decorate a playful kids room? Add a small kitchen, a doll house or a very small football court. You won’t see your kids for a few hours as they’re far too busy playing, we assure you! 

Loft Bed for Kids

To create more space in a kids room, it’s a great idea to get a loft bed. Besides it being functional by creating more space, kids really love it. Sleeping that high off the ground, that is so cool! As the loft bed creates space under the bed, you can put a desk there or make it into a playground, create book shelves or use it for toy storage. 

You can either buy a loft bed at IKEA or use your own imagination and adapt them yourself. On Pinterest, you’ll find a lot of inspiration on how to do this. Use old pallets to build a loft bed, add a safety railing and stairs, and you’re good to go! Oh wait, don’t forget about the mattress, pillows and duvet. It’s always s a good idea to add a mattress protector, to protect your mattress and extend its lifespan. 


Next, it’s time to pick a duvet cover. Are you going to leave your kid in charge or are you picking it yourself? Duvet covers are easy to change up and therefore, it’s a great way to decorate a kids room. 

Whatever theme you pick for the kids room, make sure your kid has a say in it. By choosing something that your child has liked for a longer period of time, it’s more likely they will keep loving it for the coming years. What kids room theme are you going for?

January 15, 2021 — Sleep Expert