Dull, dreary winter days don’t necessarily make you think of holidays, but it’s often the best time to plan one. After all, who doesn’t like to have something in the diary to get excited about? But nowadays you don’t need to go too far afield to escape the drudge of daily life and get that holiday fix.

There are so many amazing places within the UK, and you can find stunning scenery, gourmet food and family friendly activities all within a few hours’ drive. In fact, Bill Bryson’s, ‘Notes from a Small Island’ perfectly illustrated the huge diversity, tradition and beauty that can be found within these four shores.

So, take the plunge and ditch the passport this summer. All you have to do is pack the car up and set off on your own incredible adventure.

Booking a Holiday?

As with holidays abroad, it's always best to plan well in advance because the staycation is on the up and things do get booked up. The first decision is whether to go for a city break or countryside retreat.  If you love the excitement of exploring a big city, consider London, Bath, Manchester, or Edinburgh. Fancy a road trip instead? Then why not head to Scotland, Wales, The Lake District or Cornwall?

If you’re in need of some inspiration for accommodation, we love Cottages.com for independent self-catering options, Lanterns and Larks for Glamping and Campsites.com for camping and caravan holidays.

Top Tips for The Best Staycation

Another great thing about a staycation is there are no baggage limits so in theory you can pack as much as your car will hold! That doesn’t mean taking everything but the kitchen sink by the way.

One thing you do have to contend with however, is the great British weather, so pack for all eventualities and make sure you include wet weather gear, a hat, sunglasses, and suntan lotion as well as all the usual paraphernalia. If you’re after warmer, more predictable weather, May to September tends to be better, but don’t let that put you off. With a little planning, it’s quite possible to have an enjoyable staycation anytime of the year.

Something else that you might not have considered for your staycation packing list is bedding. That said, it’s wonderful to have some home comforts especially when you’re camping and caravanning. And just think about how many times you’ve gone self-catering, and the pillow hasn’t been quite right? Good bedding really can make all the difference to having a restful, relaxed holiday.

Luckily, Fine Bedding’s Night Owl Outside Collection offers the perfect solution. Let’s begin with the portable Night Owl 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag, a washable double to single sleeping bag. The multi-purpose 7.0 tog warmth rating means that it’s suitable for spring, summer, and autumn staycations.

Sleeping bagShop 3-in-1 Sleeping Bags

This really is the ultimate sleeping bag reimagination. You can use it as a sleeping bag for a double bed, double camp bed or if you’re as tough as Bear Grylls, the camp floor. That’s not all though, because you can even separate this cleverly designed duvet into two single sleeping bags instead. The innovative design means that it offers two-way access and an auto-lock which keeps the warmth in, creates a feeling of security, and as you’d expect, it’s supremely comfortable. Just perfect for achieving a restorative night’s sleep wherever you might be staying.

Alternatively if you prefer a standard duvet, go for the 2 in 1 Night Owl Outdoor Duvet, a perfect addition to any packing list. Another multi-purpose duvet, this one keeps you warm and comfortable in your tent, caravan, or accommodation as well as being ideal to take outdoors. The super-soft and fluffy sherpa fleece lining will keep you unbelievably snug when the evening chill sets in, whether dining al-fresco, enjoying a cheeky tipple with friends or sitting around the campfire watching the stars. How romantic does that sound?

Outdoor DuvetShop Outdoor Duvets

Advanced Teflon EcoElite™ technology means that this outdoor duvet is water repellent and stain resistant. It’s also machine washable and quick drying, so if it does get caked in mud, food or drink, no problemo. Whenever it needs a refresh, pop it in the washing machine at 40° then dry in a tumble dryer until thoroughly dry.   

So, there’s no excuse to get prepared now with an outdoor duvet or a 3-in-1 sleeping bag and enhance your 2022 staycation!

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February 08, 2022 — Sleep Expert
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