2021 is definitely the year of the staycation. With onerous paperwork, PCR tests and huge queues at airports, there’s much to be said about staying home this summer. So much so, that Spain, France, and Greece have been ditched by the masses for Cornwall, Devon, The Lake District, and not to mention countless other British resorts. 

But while we’re missing our fix of Mediterranean sunshine, the British tourist industry is quite obviously enjoying the huge surge in bookings. And more of us are deciding to go back to the holidays of our youth, opting for more of  a budget vibe, with camping the clear winner. 

Jumping in the car with a tent has also allowed more of us to experience our wonderful countryside. It’s taken the global pandemic to finally make us appreciate the natural beauty of our island, so often overlooked in favour of a foreign excursion. 

One thing that’s always true, no matter whether you’re holidaying in this country or abroad, is the fact that we all crave the ultimate comfort of our own bed. It’s true that nothing else ever really comes close. So, whether you like camping, caravanning, or staying in a hotel, why not bring a splash of your own style and home comfort with you? It might sound impractical or even impossible, but our Night Owl 3 in 1 Sleeping Bag can make it happen.



Duvet Sleeping Bag

When you think of camping, the word uncomfortable often springs to mind. Sleeping on the floor or a camp bed don’t offer much in the way of comfort, but our new coverless duvet sleeping bag can change all that. 

Too often, we leave bedding at home, thinking it’s way too much hassle to take away with us. The great thing is that this multi-purpose sleeping bag comes encased in a supremely soft fabric-feel cover, meaning that it has the look and feel of a duvet, so it can be simply folded up and popped into the car. It’s so portable and you don’t even have to grapple with putting on a tricky duvet cover either. Seriously, what’s not to love?

If you’re keen to transport the look of home décor, then you’ll be super impressed with this large duvet sleeping bag’s stylish weave. We can guarantee it will add a touch of luxury to any tent and make you the envy of any campsite. 

The 7.0 tog season warmth rating also means that this cosy high-quality sleeping bag works really well for all seasons too. Not only will this duvet sleeping bag make your nights more comfortable, but it’s versatile design means that it can be used as a double-size sleeping bag, or it can be split into two.

Adjustable Size Sleeping Bag

An added benefit is that it’s easy to separate this double duvet sleeping bag duvet into two single sleeping bags instead. Whether you’re heading off for a romantic camping trip or to have a summer adventure with the kids, this clever product can cater for your needs.

The way it does this is through a two-way access and an auto-lock which keeps the warmth in, perfect for making you feel cosy, secure, and at the right temperature. 

Easy Wash Sleeping Bag

Let’s face it. If you go camping, there’s a strong likelihood that you’re going to get muddy. Really muddy! In fairness, it’s not always like a soggy Glastonbury festival, but rain, dirt and debris usually manage to find their way onto bedding somehow. 

The good news is that the Night Owl 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag is unbelievably easy to clean. It can be separated to fit into a washing machine and once washed, can be line dried or put through a cooler tumble dry setting for between 90-120 minutes. We always advise making sure that it’s completely dry before reusing it as this will prevent fibres clumping together. 


Multipurpose Duvet Sleeping Bag

Of course, we realise that camping might not be to everyone’s taste. That said, it’s such a useful resource because this product can be used for caravanning, holiday accommodation, hotels, sleepovers at friend’s or whenever you’re travelling. Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean that you have to suffer a poor night’s sleep. Taking a Night Owl 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag with you means that you can be assured of a wonderfully comfortable and restorative sleep with added home style and comfort.

August 17, 2021 — Sleep Expert