do kids need mattress toppers?

When it comes to comfort we all know that a mattress topper does wonders for not only protecting our beds but also providing that ultimate support. Leading to a comfortable and restless night's sleep every night. So if they’re a must for adults, do children also need a mattress topper? Here at The Fine Bedding Company, opineering premium sleep since 1912, we have the answers. Therefore we’ll discuss how mattress toppers can be beneficial for children and how they are an easy changing solution for bed wetting and temperature control.

What Are Mattress Toppers?

When it comes to bedtime comfort, mattress toppers are a slice of luxury but also a convenient necessity for the wellcare of a mattress. A topper or mattress enhancer is designed to transform your bed into a plump and supportive environment where you can experience a new layer of deep comfort all year round. Their consistency and convenience make them a firm favourite for a bedroom.

Due to their extra soft cushioning between you and your mattress, it makes sleeping that little bit easier because of that cloud-like comfort. When it comes to sourcing the correct mattress topper, it can be tricky to find one that fits right specially for children and their energeticness, and need for wriggling around regularly during the night.

A stable and secure mattress topper is a necessity when picking a mattress topper for children, and the Dual Layer Mattress Topper is just that. Fitted with 35cm elastic straps, it’s an ideal topper for children, being a perfect match for any bed. Available in a wide range of sizes from single, double, king, and superking, it’s a comfort that you can keep going back to even when the children grow up. With its plump polyester filling. it makes for an ideal in providing both practicality and comfort, activating that much needed bedtime relaxation mode.

What Are The Benefits of children Having A Mattress Topper?

There are many benefits for children having that little extra support during their nighttime sleep cycle. One of the main ones is comfort, allowing them to transition into a supportive and comfortable position during the night allows for not only less complaining in the day but for a healthier relationship with their sleep cycle as well as posture and daytime energy levels.

Another great advantage of mattress toppers is their convenience and protection for the mattress. As prices generally are on the rise, it seems more important now than ever to keep your items looked after to extend their longevity and use. With a mattress topper not only providing that extra support but also providing that extra protection for the mattress, it allows the mattress to last longer because it doesn't get worn in.  

Goose Down Duvet

Another great benefit of having a mattress topper on the children beds is convenience when washing. Due to its practicality items like the Spundown Mattress Enhancer can easily be unzipped and washed at home at 60°C to kill off dust mites in case of any allergens! Consistently and frequently washed without its 100% Smartfil® fibres losing their plumpness, which means for a cosy consistency. An ideal companion to this is the Night Owl Junior Childrens 2-in-1 Waterproof Single Fitted Sheet made from sustainably sourced cotton. This fitted sheet is 100% waterproof for any unexpected spills. Also, each fitted sheet is uniquely soft and after a quick spin in the wash, it’s brand new and good to go in just a couple of hours. An all round match for children when it comes to preparing for anything.

Fitting Perfect For children

Deciding on a childrens bedtime set up can be a long process due to every parent's need for convenience. Convenience in the bedding world makes for a lot less time and stress, therefore there are a variety of products here at The Fine Bedding Company that are tailor made for the customer and their convenience. For more than 100 years, our boundless research and innovation has been invested in your sleep, and as a result for that we launched our Night Owl Range.

Built for stylish convenience in the home, it allows for a reinvention of bedding and products like Night Owl Junior Childrens Grey Coverless Duvet & Pillowcase Set - Single Bed Size allow for just that. With this Junior Night Owl we’ve reimagined bedding into a wonderfully soft and surprisingly lightweight duvet. Eliminating the idea of a duvet cover and merging the stylish design into one product whilst its Smartfil® microfibre technology allows for repeated washes whilst keeping its plumpness.

Alongside that it has fast drying properties, to do with its lightweight qualities meaning it’s the perfect match for any children bedroom. Available in numerous styles like this other Night Owl Junior Children's Reversible Coverless Duvet & Pillowcase Set for when the other sibling wants one in a different colour!

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October 07, 2022 — Sleep Expert