Children’s interests and hobbies change almost every day, going from a complete obsession with race cars to a newly arisen interest in superheroes. This can be challenging, in particular when you’re designing their bedroom. After all, changing the bedroom design every week because your child has grown out of it, doesn’t sound too appealing. For that reason, it is wise to let your children pick a theme that you know they will like for a longer period of time. For children, everything is about colour, movement and fun which is why a kid’s bedroom should be a place where they feel comfortable but can have fun at the same time. We have listed the top five most popular bedroom designs for children that will bring both you and your child happiness in 2021.

1. Murals in the Children’s Bedroom

If there’s anything that has become insanely popular over the last few years, it must be murals in the kid’s bedroom. The fun thing about murals is that you have all creativity in your own hands, you can completely design something unique and fun for your child. Don’t freak out if you’re not the biggest creative talent, there are a lot of murals that can be easily bought online. However, if you’re a born artist and know how to handle a brush, this could be your project of dreams. Whether you’re creating a mural with a flower design, a jungle filled with tigers and giraffes or all of your kid’s superheroes, use your full imagination. After all, it’s about making it as fun as possible!

Mural Kid's Bedroom

2. Kids Bedroom with Wooden Elements

Using natural materials, such as wood and bamboo, is extremely popular in interiors but can also be applied to the children’s bedroom. Wooden loft beds look lovely in a kids room and besides that, they are highly functional as well. Most kids think loft beds are the coolest thing ever, plus you create a lot of extra space. That is a win-win! By combining the wooden loft bed with other wooden furniture such as a wooden wardrobe, you create consistency in the room which will make it look more put together. Our tip? Go for a light shade of wood, such as White Pine Wood, to brighten up the room and make it look more spacious.

Wooden elements

3. Pastels in Kids Room

A popular trend in itself but one that also works well with wooden elements, is using pastels in the children’s bedroom. Pastels look great, can be combined with almost anything and are gender-neutral. It doesn’t get any better than that. Pick a fun colour for the walls in the kid’s bedroom: pastel yellow, blue, green, purple or pink? Are you struggling to make a choice? Pastel colours can easily be combined with each other to create a fun, bright room. If you ask us, any pastel colours can be combined but pastel yellow with pastel pink or pastel blue and pastel green are very popular combinations. Our Night Owl duvet is available in fun colours that will suit the children’s bedroom perfectly.

Pastels Night Owl Duvet


4. Children’s Bedroom with Hanging Chair 

The perfect spot to read a children’s book in the evening, to feed your newborn or to just play around in is a hanging chair. If your ceiling allows it, it’s a fun and creative idea to put a hanging chair in the children’s bedroom. This makes the room playful and your child will definitely love it! If we had to choose our favourite hanging chair, we wouldn’t have to think twice about it: a bamboo hanging chair of course. Bamboo is surprisingly strong, will last a long time and creates a natural aesthetic in the room. 

Hanging Chair

5. Play Tent for the Kids

Last but definitely not least, you could set up a play tent in the children’s bedroom. After all, a bedroom is for children not only a place to sleep in but also a place to play and explore the world. A tent is a playful attribute that can be used for playing out their wildest fantasies while still benefiting the interior design. We recommend choosing a tent with white cloths and decorate the inside with fun cushions in pastels and hang up some fairy lights. Do you want to make it really cosy? Drag in the coverless Night Owl duvet, which is entirely washable as well, so no worries about potential spillings. That will definitely do well with the kids! 

Play Tent

April 03, 2021 — Sleep Expert
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