What is Smartfil®?

Smartfil® refers to the advanced fibre technology we use to fill our premium synthetic duvets and pillows.

Smartfil® products are washable and a great
non-allergenic alternative to natural bedding

What are the benefits of Smartfil®?

Smartfil® in duvets

Smartfil® duvets achieve the same thermal efficiency as a premium down duvet in the equivalent tog, but are filled with much finer fibres thus creating a warm, cosy duvet that feels incredibly light and cloud-like. The unique manufacturing process additionally allows more air to flow through the duvet, thus creating a highly breathable, soft and comforting duvet that drapes beautifully across the body.

Smartfil® in pillows

Smartfil® pillows are filled with plump mini ball clusters which retain their shape even after washing. The cluster fibres are so small that they move freely to ensure even distribution to cushion & support the head & neck, whatever the level of firmness chosen.

Smartfil® Benefits

* Stays fluffy and plump, and keeps its shape even after washing
* Is washable at 60°C – the temperature that kills dustmites
* Envelops air for excellent airflow & thermal efficiency
* Lasts longer, due to silky coating so causes no friction or matting
* Flows freely to actively respond to your contours
* Drapes beautifully and feels silky soft to the touch

Smartfil® products are a great non allergenic alternative to natural bedding, with the added benefit of being washable whilst retaining their quality.

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