As we’ve had time to settle into the excitement of the new year, what better way to level up your bedroom ideas than to look at what’s ahead for the year and what trends will hit popularity in 2022. 

An upgrade to your bedroom is within the cards at some point this year and what better way to level up than to align with this year's trends for a stylistic bedding refresh. Whether that's buying a tropical print set to pretend we’re out of winter already, or opting for velvet to level it up, or even choosing a calming blue to set the tone for when you look to your bed for relaxation, The Fine Bedding Company has you sorted. Offering a range of exciting alternatives to upgrade your bedtime comforts, alongside sustainable options, and coverless duvet sets to pave the way for a more sustainable lifestyle. In this article we’ll look at the new bedroom trends of 2022 and update you on how to refresh your look into the year. 

Fine Bedding Trends 2022

1. Quilted Trend For Bedding

Last year saw the hype in quilted fabric texture, it was everywhere from quilted jackets, quilted bags, quilted trousers, and now, quilted style bedding is here. 

Gone are the days of trying to wrestle with a duvet cover, trying to fit the duvet in perfectly every time is believed to be one of life's biggest nuisances. What if we said that you don’t ever need to fit a duvet sheet again? Fine Bedding’s Night Owl Marl Coverless Duvet set does just that with its all in one duvet set it eliminates the need for a duvet cover and instead offers a wavy, quilted style on the duvet style. To be washed as a whole, it’s the perfect bedtime convenience whilst offering a super-soft touch and light-weight feel for ideal comfort. 

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2. Bold Blue 

Colour trends are always coming in and out of fashion and 2022 is the year that bold blue is back. Layering up the bedroom with different shades of blue, from light to dark with numerous textures is the style of 2022. As a duvet the convenience nature of Night Owl - Natural Cotton Waffle is perfect for that stylist bedroom rebrand. A fashionable sustainably sourced cotton reverse duvet cover, with a textured waffle exterior merging the duvet and duvet sheet into one. This 100% Pure BCI Cotton Cover allows for a re-imagination of the traditional duvet set. Convenience at its finest due to being machine washable, all is needed to clean is to pop it in the wash and it’s quick to dry in just two hours. A perfect purchase for a stylish convenience in 2022. 

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3. Nature Inspired Hues 

What better way to pretend you're on holiday when you're not, with this Green Velvet Leaf Cushion brightening up your bedroom, a popular trend of 2022 for a bedroom refresh. With this tropical esque plump filled cushion, with a soft cover for maximum comfort. It’s the perfect alternative to refreshing your bedrooms, adding some character and getting you through these long winter months. 

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4. On The Go Duvet

As the world reverts back to what feels like normality into 2022, our bucket lists have constantly been growing over the two years that the pandemic hit. Now that travel seems to be back on the cards, the need for packaging for an adventure is an exciting potential. A key essential to packing for a winter-getaway is Night Owl Outdoor Duvet. This super-soft and fluffy Sherpa fleece blanket is perfect to snuggle up to in the cold winter nights. With Teflon EcoElite™ technology, the Duvet fleece is water repellent and stain resistant which is ideal for using just about anywhere.  

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February 22, 2022 — Sleep Expert