As well as a warm duvet, thick pillows and of course, a good amount of blankets, what else do you need this winter season to get a good night’s sleep?  Here at The Fine Bedding Company, we have been exploring the idea of how music can affect your sleep and how we can incorporate it into our bedtime routines. 

In this article, we will be looking at the benefits of falling asleep to music, how you can also implement the use of sound into your bedtime and giving you a run down of our top picks when it comes to our night time playlist. 

Can Music Help You Fall Asleep?

Listening to a form of sound to fall asleep is a part of many people’s daily routine. Whether that be the background noise of their favourite TV show, a selection of white noise, or even their pre-made playlist of music.

But does the presence of music really help you drift off? 

The simple answer is yes. Music can help you improve your sleep through accessing the ‘calming parts’ of your nervous system. This will lead to your breathing slowing, your heart rate lowering and overall, reducing your blood pressure. This meditative state will eventually allow you to fall asleep very peacefully. In addition, various studies have shown that the best type of music to fall asleep to is slow, light music which can aid in slowing down your pulse and even decrease your levels of stress hormones.

Whilst everyone’s preference for how they sleep is completely different, having a sound which is both comforting and relaxing, can be very beneficial when it comes to getting your recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night. 

How To Make Music Part Of Your Bedtime Routine

As established, music can be a very helpful tool when it comes to falling asleep at night. Our top tip would be to make it as much of a habit as possible. Having a good routine with anything, including sleep, is all about creating healthy habits which you get used to performing. Routine is great for your sleeping schedule, it means your body can preamp what is about to happen, and in this case, allow you to drift into a peaceful night’s sleep. Setting up your playlist and creating this bedtime ritual will give your body a good amount of time to relax and wind down. 

Next, we would recommend trying to avoid any headphones. Whilst headphones are great for being on the move, it can hinder your comfortability throughout the night and  make it more difficult to get into some of your more favoured sleeping positions. Even wireless headphones can be a little intolerable. We suggest going completely without and possibly hooking up your Spotify to your Alexa or even just playing the music straight off your phone. 

Another top tip from us would be to have a pre-made playlist. Similar to the idea that listening to music before bed should be a relaxing ritual, having a playlist of songs that you love and have a connection with could allow you pre-emptively know what is coming. Part of a habit is avoiding any anxiety about not knowing what is coming next. With a playlist of smooth, sleep appropriate songs, you will know what's playing next and be able to drift off into an uninterrupted sleep without worry.

Our Winter Playlist 2021

The Fine Bedding Company now has a Spotify! Our sleep experts have put their heads together and have come up with a relaxing playlist full of songs which we feel will allow you to fall asleep more comfortably. For the winter season, we have chosen a list of slow songs, which you can have in the background as you fall asleep. For each and every season, we will be putting a new playlist live which will reflect the time and help you along in your sleep journey.

Listen to our latest playlist here:


December 09, 2021 — Sleep Expert
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