June 21st is a day we won’t easily forget this year. If everything goes according to plan, life in the UK will finally go back to normal this summer. In only three months, we will hopefully be living our life to the fullest again. Last Monday might not have been as exciting, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. From March 29th, outdoor gatherings will be allowed again with a group of up to six people from up to two households. This allows friend groups and small families to finally meet up again, as long as they are complying with social distancing rules. 

With the Easter weekend ahead and hopefully some lovely spring weather, people are in need of social activities that don’t include a laptop, WiFi connection and Zoom installation. No matter how grateful we are for Zoom’s existence, it could never compare to being around your friends and family in real life. Since the temperatures are still quite low outside, why not bring along a duvet to keep you warm? 

Best Duvet to Take Along During Garden Gatherings

A fun way to arrange outdoor gatherings is by organising a spring barbecue. Prove us wrong, but we think there’s no better garden party than one with a barbecue turned on. The easiest way to go about organising a barbecue is to ask everybody to create or cook a different dish, this takes away a lot of work for the host and the food will be varied. 

Summer is still a few months away and even though the weather is getting nicer, it’s still quite chilly, especially in the evenings. Normally, you’d probably hand out blankets to your guests to keep them warm, but we have a way better solution: a duvet! You might wonder how this is practical, dragging around with a duvet in the garden. It’s way too big, it will get dirty, the sheets might fall off… You won’t have to worry about these issues with the Night Owl Duvet, a coverless duvet that is extremely easy to carry around and is 100% home washable. As the Night Owl Duvet is made out of unique compressible fibres, it packs into a handy duffle bag which makes it extremely easy to store and transport. It even has a drawstring to sling over your back!

Night Owl Duvet to Keep You Warm During Evenings in the Garden

During the colder evenings, you will find comfort in the Night Owl duvet which is extremely warm and soft. The great thing about the duvet is that it’s coverless, meaning that you won’t have to use sheets over the duvet. You can use the Night Owl duvet on itself, which makes it very practical to bring along to garden gatherings. As the duvet can easily be home washed in a machine, you won’t have to worry about smudges getting onto your duvet or laying the duvet on the grass. The next day, you easily wash it out again! The Night Owl is the perfect outdoor duvet if you’re looking for ways to keep yourself, your guests and the kids warm. 

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Linen, Cotton Waffle or Herringbone?

Now, the only thing left to worry about is what Night Owl duvet you’re going to get. There is not one, but three different options to choose from. To make it a bit easier, we’ll guide you through the different options. The Linen Collection has been around the longest and consists of a cover of Super Soft Printed Microfibre and a filling of 100% Smartfil® Microfibre from Recycled PET Bottles. Next, the Night Owl Herringbone is a re-imagination of the original Night Owl duvet but made with a stylish Herringbone weave. This collection is available in three beautiful colours. Lastly, we have the Natural Cotton Waffle Collection, which is the latest addition to the Night Owl family. The Night Owl natural cotton waffle comes complete with its own cotton cover which is made out of 100% Sustainably Sourced Cotton. 

Which Night Owl duvet are you taking along to your Spring garden gatherings?

April 01, 2021 — Sleep Expert
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