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The recommended amount of sleep healthy adults should be getting each night is between seven and nine hours - a far fetched dream for most of us. Whilst there are a handful of people out there getting their recommended number of winks each night, and springing out of bed each morning, it is not the majority! For most of us, getting a full and restful night sleep can seem as easy to obtain as a mythical creature. With each alarm that goes off the snooze button gets ever more tempting, our bed somehow seems cosier than it was last night, and we roll out of bed promising ourselves we will go to bed early tonight. So what is going wrong?

When we are burning the candle at both ends, it is easy to become both mentally and physically tired. You would think this would make it easier to fall asleep at night, right? If only it was that easy. When we have a ‘to-do list’ as long as your arm and you’re juggling a whole host of different things, we can often find ourselves away at night, too full of adrenaline to doze off again. Not only is lack of sleep damaging to our long-term health and immunity, but it can also inhibit our productivity, positivity and metabolism.

Creating a sleep ritual is an easy way to introduce a few new steps, to help relax and settle you before you go to sleep. This can be as little as putting your phone away a few hours before you go to sleep, drinking a relaxing peppermint tea, or introducing some essential oils to your bedtime routine.

Essential oils can have a very calming and sedative effect that help us drift off to sleep. Lavender is the most well-known essential oil for helping us to get sleepy, but there are more out there that can help us feel serene. Scentered’s Sleep Well Aromatherapy Balm has a blend of lavender, palmarosa and ylang ylang. Rub the aromatherapy balm onto your temples and pulse points, and as your skin warms the oils you will release the sweet aromas that can help you drift off.

There are many other ways that essential oils can be used to aid sleep. Another way is to light a Scentered candle an hour before you go to bed, to help you wind down as part of your sleep ritual.

March 04, 2020 — Sleep Expert