washable bedding in numbers infographic

Washable Bedding In Numbers Infographic

Posted on 02 / 07 / 2017 by Sleep Lover

Here’s why choosing the best washable duvet and pillows is important and makes it easier to maintain high standards of hygiene.

How many of the facts and stats below make you gasp and shudder?!

    1. The washability of a duvet is now the THIRD most important factor when choosing what type of bedding to buy (just under price and quality/feel). Other factors are anti-allergy requirements, durability and weight.
    2. Consumers can save a massive £270 on cleaning bills (over five years – the recommended life of a duvet) if they buy a washable product – without deterioration of the quality (if buyers opt for a quality washable duvet).
    3. 67% of people are opting out of buying natural fill duvets because they are difficult and costly to wash.
    4. A staggering QUARTER (24.5%) of Brits admit to having never washed or cleaned their duvet!!!
    5. This is even more worrying given that in the same survey, a THIRD (32%) of Brits are sleeping in bedding that hasn’t been replaced in a decade. (Half of UK householders replace their duvet and pillows in the recommended timeframe – every five years.)
    6. But it’s WOMEN who appear to be bigger soap dodgers versus their male counterparts: 32.25% of women have never washed their duvet versus 16.75% of men.
    7. Age-wise, the 24 and under are less likely to wash their duvet compared to the over 45s.
    8. People living in the North West (32%) and North East (29%) were the highest percentages of those that have never cleaned their duvet. The cleanest region was the East Midlands.
    9. Only 40% said they washed their duvet once, twice or three times a year – the rest left their duvet more than a year before washing. (The minimum recommended washing frequency for a synthetic duvet is every six months – a maximum once a year. A duvet that hasn’t been washed for a year is likely to harbor more than 20,000 dust mites)
    10. Of those who do wash their duvets, 37% wash duvets at home in a domestic washing machine and tumble dryer/hang it on a line to dry naturally.
    11. 19% wash their duvet at the launderette in a large capacity washing machine and dryer.
    12. 16% take it to be professionally washed and dried (paying on average £26 each time).

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washable bedding in numbers infographic

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