Transform your bedroom into a romantic paradise in time for Valentine’s day

Posted on 05 / 02 / 2018 by Sleep Lover

Forget splashing out on an expensive hotel room; with a little forward planning and a touch of creativity you’ll be sure to have your partner’s pulse racing this Valentine’s day!

February is generally a time where people are looking to stay in and save money – as a result, the importance of Valentine’s day is often overlooked and underplayed.  However, you don’t have to spend the earth to make an impression or rekindle the love this year – and we have it all wrapped up in our step-by-step guide below.

1. Lighting should be soft and low to create the right ambience – romantic and dreamy.  Candles are also a great way of achieving this, but use them safely!

2. Sensual, soothing scents.  No doubt you will have your own fragrance to wear for the evening, so why not make your room work just as hard to smell delicious?  Room scents can come in a variety of forms – from incense and potpourri to linen sprays and diffusers.  So try to choose a scent you & your partner will appreciate and start releasing it up to 2 hours before they arrive so it can gently infuse throughout the room.  And remember– when it comes to scents less is more.

3. De-clutter.  A cluttered room brings disruption not harmony, so stick your laundry basket in another room, put shoes under the bed and tidy papers and general clutter away for a more warming, inviting room.

With the lighting set, clutter removed and the room smelling divine, it’s time to look at the room’s centrepiece- the bed…

4.  The bed is the most important feature of any bedroom, so dress the bed as you would dress yourself – with thought and care.  Firstly, start by placing a feather topper on the mattress to add an additional layer of loft and comfort.   If you are allergic to feathers choose a luxury synthetic topper.   Second, choose luxury bedding items like one of our down duvets (or climate control duvet if your partner gets too hot). This will make the bed look and feel like you’re cocooned in your own private paradise.  Thirdly, choose the right pillows for you and your partner; down pillows offer softness while feather pillows or synthetic pillows can offer more support.  If you or your partner need a specialist support pillow opt for temperature-sensitive memory foam. Here are a selection of our Valentines Bestsellers to help you out.

5. Textures and colours can evoke different emotional reactions.  For example, rich fabrics such as velvets, silks and furs can help the room to look and feel plush – even if it’s just an old throw from your sofa!  As for colour, it can be a powerful mood evoker.  For example, we all know red is the colour of passion but did you know it apparently can increase energy, conversation and heart rate?   Scattering some red roses around the bed or putting on your red-infused bedset could make a big impact.

Hopefully by now your bedroom will be looking like the inside of a 5* hotel.  The romantic ambience and personalised setting will be enough to sweep your partner off their feet, and at the end of the night you can snuggle up in style with some luxurious bedding.


*Originally posted 13th February 2013

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