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There’s an app for that! The top wellness apps

Posted on 16 / 10 / 2017 by Sleep Lover

Let’s be honest. All this wellness stuff if really confusing and it’s hard to decide where to start. Fortunately, in our digital age, there are wellness apps that have been created to make it easier. Here are our top tried, tested and highly recommended apps that are not only easy to use and effective. We’ve even broken them down by focus.


  • Calm – Offering a variety of different tools, the Calm app offers guided meditation, sleep stories, breathing programs and relaxing music to help reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. Perfect for beginners and recommended by top psychologists and mental health experts.
  • Sleep Cycle – ‘Waking up made easy’ Sleep Cycle analyses your sleep patterns to wake you up at the perfect time during the lightest phase, which is considered the most natural way so that you feel rested and relaxed. The alarms are also designed to not shock you awake like your everyday alarm


  • My Fitness Pal – Making calorie counting easier so that you can track your way to your optimum weight. The app helps you by logging meals from the extensive database and also has an inbuilt barcode database to look up nutritional info. The smart tech also means you can quickly add meals you have already had.
  • Lose It – Designed to analyse your personal details and goals in order to calculate your daily calorie budget. It also tracks your meals and exercise in order to monitor your progress.


  • Yoga Studio – Who said you needed a guru or a class to do yoga?! Offering you access to beginner, intermediate and advanced video yoga classes that can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. Just add a yoga mat and you’re good to go.
  • Strava – The running, cycling and adventure app. Designed for active people who like to be outdoors, you not only can track your running and cycling progress, but also your walking and encourages you to get involved with personal, community challenges and connect with friends.
  • My Fitness Pal – Not only tracking your meals and nutritional intake, but tracking how fast you burn these by enabling you to input your activity to give you a more accurate view of calorie intake and output.
  • Nike Run – Your perfect running partner, which includes GPS tracking, an audio guide for in run progress, customised running plans to fit your predetermined goals that adapts to your progress, AND non-stop motivation from running celebs and friends.
  • Nike Training – 160+ workouts and personalised training plans that you can do anytime, anywhere! Combining strength, endurance, mobility and yoga, featuring world-class Nike Master Trainers to motivate you with your personalise training plans.


  • Headspace – A really quick and easy tool to help you perform at your best using meditation and mindfulness. Recommending only 10 minutes a day to improve your mood and reduce stress with everything from prioritising tasks to getting back in to sport. Kids packs also available.
  • Calm – Offering guided meditation sessions in various lengths to fit in with your schedule. Topics include calming anxiety, deep sleep, commuting to work or school, etc. Also included are built in reminders to encourage your daily practice.


  • Wunderlist – ‘Designed to help you get stuff done!’ A simple to do list and task manager app to help keep a log of all your lists all in one place. Whether it is your bucket list, your to do list or your shopping list, you can keep sync each one to all your devices, share them with friends and set up reminders.


  • Happier – To help you focus on the little things that you are grateful for by helping you record these moments using pictures and notes that make you happy so that you can look back at them and have more reasons to smile.
  • IMoodJournal – The ultimate journal and personal diary that tracks not only your moods, but your sleep, medication, anxieties and energy levels. Generally it track what ever you want it to track in order to help you gain some insight in to yourself.

Brain Boosting

  • Lumosity – Daily brain training exercises to help you to train your brain to improved memory, attention and awareness. With over 30 interactive and fun challenges that are quick and easy and a great distraction if you need to pass some time constructively.

We want to hear your opinions and any more recommendations you might have. Let us know what you think works or if we’ve missed off your favourite.

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