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Top 5 Products to Refresh Your Bedding This Spring

Posted on 15 / 03 / 2018 by Sleep Lover

Are you looking to refresh your bedding before spring arrives? Whether you’re determined to get a better night’s sleep or simply want to prepare for the warmer weather, we’ve taken a look at our best selling products from 2015 to give you some bedding inspiration.

1. Spundown Pillow (Medium Support)
Easily our best-selling product of last year, the Spundown Pillow is made up of our unique Smartfil fibres to provide a resilient yet supportive pillow. Our Smartfil fibres are highly compressible and return to their usual shape after every wash, ensuring you get a soft, plump pillow that feels like new no matter what.

Washable at a dust mite-busting 60 degrees C, it’s ideal for allergy sufferers and is encased in a luxurious cotton blend casing. This pillow is available in firm support, but it is its medium support model that’s proven most popular with our customers.

2. Boutique Silk Pillow
Our Boutique Silk Pillow holds all the benefits of our Spundown pillow, but with a blend of advanced Smartfil fibres and the finest silk. Giving firm yet luxurious support, the pillow is encased in a beautiful jacquard design for extra comfort and breathability. Many will also be pleased to hear it’s non-allergenic and home washable at 60 degrees.

3. Cool Touch Pillow
Hot nights? That’s what our Cool Touch Pillow was made for.

With many of you complaining that feeling too hot at night is your main reason for losing sleep, it’s no wonder that our Cool Touch Pillow has been such a big hit. Filled with a mix of Smartfil clusters and exclusive ProCool fibres, it disperses heat and moisture effectively, leaving you cool all night long. It also has a powerful storage capacity for absorbing, only releasing it again when the source has reached its optimum cool level. Wrapped in a 100% cotton cover and offering medium-soft support, it’s actually been shown to be three times more effective than other temperature-regulating pillows on the market.

4. Breathe Duvet (7 Tog)
If you’re looking for a new duvet, our Breathe Duvet is an excellent place to start. Using our very own climate control technology, it involves a blend of our Smartfil filling with a special ingredient called modal, which is derived from wood pulp. Modal works to effectively wick moisture away from the body, giving you a calming and restorative night’s sleep.

Wrapped in a beautiful soft-touch microfibre cover, it too is non-allergenic and washable at 60 degrees. Although it comes in a range of togs, it is the 7 tog that customers seem to like best.

5. Spundown Duvet (4.5 Tog)
Our Spundown Duvet is the ultimate all-rounder duvet, providing superior comfort and durability thanks to its highly resilient Smartfil filling. Compressible enough to fit into your washing machine in the comfort of your own home, this duvet is washable 60 degrees like the rest and has a quick-drying peach soft cover to ensure maximum convenience and minimum fuss.

With the 4.5 tog being the most popular among our customers, the Spundown is an ideal choice for the coming spring and summer months.

Looking for a mattress topper to pair your new bedding with? Try our Deep Fill cotton mattress protector –the most popular of all our protectors. Made with a 100% pure cotton cover and filled with a luxurious blend of cotton and mixed fibres, it’s an effective, affordable way to refresh your mattress with a layer of protection and comfort.

What new bedding combos will you be trying out this spring? We’d love to know!

First published on 01 / 03 / 2016

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