Top 10 Smart Recovery Tips

Posted on 07 / 07 / 2014 by Sleep Lover

Top 10 Tips 1Ten practical and achievable sleep routine changes that can add up to a significant overall improvement in personal best performance. 

To support the launch of our brand new Smart Recovery Bedsets, designed in conjunction with Sleep Sports Coach Nick Littlehales, we’ve produced a list of the Top 10 Smart Recovery Tips to help you delivery your best sporting performance whatever your chosen activity.

1. Ensure you have a good understanding of the circadian clock: An every day, 24 hour process that regulates your biological, physiological functions and ability to unlock quality sleep.

2. Identify with your personal Chronotype (Sleep Characteristic) to prevent adopting routines that are counterproductive to your natural sleep profile. AMers (larks) Morning active / PMers (Owls) Evening active.

3. We all have an occupational wake time which is consistent 5 or 6 days a week: Make this your every day (7 day) constant wake time (CWT) ideally between 6am & 7.30am. A CWT is key to any sleep routine if you want to unlock the full recovery benefits.

4. Think of sleep in 90 minute cycles NOT hours, putting you in more control of how many cycles you actually need, why and when. A very common sleep wake cycle routine uses an every day CWT of 6.30 am.

Sleep Cycle

5. Pre Sleep Routine (PRSR): Identify three practical & achievable techniques that can be applied in the final ninety minutes before the targeted sleep time. This helps to prepare you to enter a sleep state naturally.

Sleep Example

6. Post Sleep Routine (PSR): Identify three practical & achievable techniques that can be applied in the first ninety minutes upon wake. This helps to prepare you to wake from a sleep state naturally.

Sleep Example 2

7. Break it up: Take at least a FIVE minute recovery break every 90 minutes throughout your day, to help promote information download, top up hydration and or take on daylight. Key to maintaining a productive hormone balance.

Longer breaks (30/40/60 minutes) to fuel up at ideally regular intervals midday/evening.

Apply the same to or add to your day, non occupational social activities, a key and smart recovery performance tool.

8. Three a day: If we can enter a NAP on a train, with all our personal belongings, sleep habits publicly exposed, bolt upright in a chair rolling around, we can nap anywhere.

You have three natural sleep periods available every day, nocturnal, midday (Siesta) between 1 & 3pm, evening between 5 & 7 pm. Use this technique to help boost recovery and not constantly adjusting your planned sleep wake routine in catch up.

Nap – Kip: A controlled sleep recovery period CSRP – An alarm controlled 30 minute period.

A balanced approach to activities & recovery = Personal Best every day =

8 hours (FIVE cycles) nocturnal sleep – 12 hours working/training active – 4 hours recovery active

9. RE think your BEDROOM: The main function of this room is maximising mental & physical recovery, so rethink it, starting with its title. My “mental & physical sleeping recovery room” with nothing in it that is not designed to help me sleep, all through the night, as well as I possibly can.

Smart check! Identify with your regular sleeping partners characteristics to ensure you maximise the benefits of sleeping with a partner and minimise the counterproductive side effects of doing just that.

10. Product Fit: Most sleeping products actually worth sleeping on and with are designed for specific users (sleeping profiles). They, however, are generally promoted as ONE PRODUCT FITS ALL and the more expensive it is the better it is.

Research thoroughly before you select any sleeping product, including a mattress, pillow, duvet and bed linen. They contribute to the majority of sleeping concerns and if not correctly profiled to you will always be a key barrier to improvement.

Smart Recovery Diagram

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