Tears on my pillow – UK couples going to bed on a row

Posted on 24 / 09 / 2015 by Sleep Lover

Are you one of the majority of UK couples that are going to bed angry after arguing with each other at least twice a month?

Angry woman with man in bed

Our research, carried out as part of a bigger study into “Beauty Sleep”, also reveals the top topics that are causing tears before bedtime, ranked by gender.

For women, the biggest tears-before-bedtime battles are about mother-in-laws, closely followed by their partner’s bad habits including slurping, chomping and burping. Third on the list of bugbears was their partner ringing them on a night out to ask what time they would be home.

For men it’s lack of downtime after work, with 1 in 3 men admitting to wanting to go to the gym or socialise at least three times a week, followed by money. Thirty-nine percent of UK men say their partner’s irritable moods when dieting eat away at their patience and 26% blame housework for their bedtime barnies.

Both sexes admit to seeing red when the subject of how best to deal with the children raises its head. Over half (58%) of the men and women questioned admitted that explosive arguments about how best to care for their kids could leave them going to bed still fuming, and the subsequent anger can last for up to three days.

A huge 78% of men say their female partner thinks she knows best when it comes to childcare and when quizzed women backed this up with 66% claiming this to be true!

Of those surveyed a huge 68% admit to waking up in a bad mood if they have argued the night before and 73% say its written all over their face, claiming to look pale, puffy-eyed and drawn if they have had a bad night’s sleep due to a row.

These are the topics causing couples to go to bed angry:


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